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How to report a fraud gig?

Recently I came across a seller who asked me to pay $40 before delivery. He promised to get me an interview for a desired position. I told him that happy to pay once I am invited. His reaction was to cancel the order immediately. He has no reference, and haven’t found him on any social profile that would prove his identity.

Question: how to report it to fiverr? Is fiverr refunding the money if I pay, the gig runs out, but no service is delivered?


Report the user here:

Fiverr Customer Support

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A provocatively dressed woman offering business assistance under the name “transSEXpert.” Hmmm… what is THAT about Fiverr.

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this is url. she is running fake copyri8 profile. plz tellme how can i disable this account

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Calling sellers / buyers out by name on the forums is not allowed; please edit the URL out.

If you are experiencing an issue, you might consider making your own thread, as this one is four years old.