How to Report a Seller and Have Him Removed from Fiverr



I have a job that has been done not only here on Fiverr ( afew eeks ago) but also outside of it from a seller here and he has now disappeared completely leaving me not only without the job done but with 15 clients waiting for the job that he eas suppose to do costing me time and stress, aggravation, etc…

My question is how can i report him so that he doesnt do that to other people here in Fiverr or outside of it as well.

I will be reporting him to Paypal as well but found no way of doing it here on Fiverr.

Thank you,



It’s against the rules to sell outside of Fiverr. If a seller tells you to buy something outside of Fiverr then report it straight away using the Report button on the message. If a buyer offers to pay you outside of Fiverr, remind them it’s against the rules too. Fiverr will then take action on their account.


isn’t wrong for the buyers to buy outside Fiverr too? :wink: