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How to report a staff member?

I had some trouble with a fiverr support here when contacting them because was a bug in the order section (buyer marked as complete after my delivey and didn’t see it as complete) . So I contact them and refresh my profile … that solved half of the problem i was seeing that the order was completed but the funds was still missing from revenue so I contact them again , and one of the staff members told me to ask my buyer to confirm that my order with him was completed ( that was frustrating and annoying to ask my buyer that ) from fiver terms after you delivered a gig and buyer marks as complete you shod see the money in the clearance period.

So my question is where i can report this staff member to his superior ?

Hello, I don’t see any reason from what you have said here to complain about the staff member. They just wanted you to make sure it was indeed complete. Since they don’t know exactly what happened with the buyer it would be a logical first step and not something that should make you this angry. Staff members do the best they can and only have what people tell them to go by sometimes.
To react by wanting to report a staff member to a superior is shocking.
The site can take a short time to update revenues. By now it might be showing in your balance.

It’s not surprising at all. If the system is faulty, then it’s the systems fault.

Hi misscrystal,
I didn’t encounter this thing in almost 2 years here on fiverr and he can check the buyer response on the order (he marked as completed and leave a review after) i think that’s enough for them to transfer the funds from (active orders) to pending clearance

the buyer made also a ticket on support with the same problem (it wasn’t answered for more than 2 weeks)

Ok then maybe just explain nicely to the staff member like you did here so they understand better.

You can ask for your ticket to be elevated to someone higher up and it might happen if necessary. Your situation sounds like communication problems to me, so I think you are raising a fuss a bit early, but there is nothing wrong with asking that the ticket be transferred. That is the only mechanism I know of. Fiverr has a small staff.