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How to report an unethical seller?

Dear All,

I was surprised with the seller that send me a picture of coconat tree instead of the transcription delivery that he should do. Previously he asked me the job and two days ago I sent him the recording that needed to be transcribed. He had checked it and OK. Therefore, I agreed with his offer of two days delivery for USD30. Everything was fine, but this morning he really insulted me. Could anyone tell me how to report this man to the Fiverr officer? Thank you very much. Regards, WiSH

Hello. Why wouldn’t you just cancel the order and leave bad review for him? So the next time he will be polite with buyers.

@wishanggoro: After a cancellation it’s no possible to leave a review. But empty deliveries are against Fiverr ToS (I’d consider a picture of a tree instead of your transcription an empty delivery). Improper language is also a violation of the ToS. So I’d report that seller to Customer Support.

Thank you Garcia. I had reported his conduct but I found no action from the customer service and his position as the best seller with 113 good review remains.

How long has it been since you contacted support? There might just be a backlog. I’m dealing with a similar issue. The seller “delivered” the order with no work, just a message stating he was working on it.

I contacted support since when I attempted to request cancellation (I rejected the delivery using the modification request button) I received a message suggesting I wait to hear from the seller. I’m hoping this isn’t the new norm for unethical sellers. Missing delivery times is bad but life happens. Sending blank or irrelevant deliveries is ridiculous.

Reply to @ruslancer: Thank you rushlancer. After the cancelation I did not find the clue to make a review. I actually had opened a discussion with this guy but he did not reply me.

Reply to @wishanggoro: if you cancelled yourself (not mutual cancellation) it’s already bad for his reputation

Reply to @ruslancer: I had canceled and reported his conduct, but I found it did not impact on his position as a best seller with 113 good reviews.

Reply to @wishanggoro: Privacy Policy won’t allow Customer Support to tell you what action they’ve taken. If it’s the first time he did something like that, perhaps he’ll only get a warning.

Reply to @catwriter: Thank you catwriter. The answer from the Customer Support Team (I don’t know whether this is only an answering machine or not) is like this: “Generally all inquiries are answered in the order they are created. Occasionally, due to some requests requiring more research than others and also due to excessive demand, a reply may take longer than one business day. Please accept our apologies in advance for any reply that exceeds this time frame, but be assured we are working hard to get back to you as quickly as possible to provide a considerate response.” Anyway, whatever its result, I just hope that the Custommer Support will protect the buyers from the conduct like I experience.

Reply to @reviewgal: Thank you, reviewgal. According the CS it will take more than one business day. It would be fine for me insofar as the guy will not do again the similar conduct to other buyers.