How to report art plagiarism



My fist experience using fiverr is not a good one. I was having someone design a logo for a dog grooming business. The first logo they sent me was not very good so I asked for a revision and gave them more info about what I had in mind. Then a week later they sent me another logo that was almost what I wanted but not exactly. I searched google images for some more ideas I could send them to help relay my vision. What I found was they copied both designs exactly and just re-coloured it and slapped my business name on it. What the hell???

Anyways, I asked for a refund and left a bad review. Btw they have over three hundred and fifty 5 star reviews and are a level 2 seller. By looking a little closer at the reviews today they are all very fake looking. I guess I should have looked more closely at the reviews before I ordered.

It took me a couple hours to decide on this “artist” and now I have to find another but I am very hesitant and not very trusting of this site. I was hoping to have this logo done a week ago so I could get started on my business cards, flyers, website etc. :frowning:

How can I report this account and what should I look for when finding a real artist?


On the bottom, you’ll find a link to Customer Support. On that page, top right let’s you contact them. “Trust & Safety” has options to report questionable gigs/bad user behavior.

As for finding honest artists, Reverse Image Search is your friend. It’s also a probably good idea to look for some consistency in what sellers have previously sold. If it all looks good, but the style is all over the place, that could be a red flag, imho.


I’m sorry for the bad experience you had on Fiverr.
I would definitely report them as they are not in line with Fiverrs TOS.


I appreciate the replies. I am looking at other artists at the moment. Feeling very hesitant.


Unfortunately logo design has a huge number of sellers which makes it difficult to whittle the options down.
I can commend someone that I have used if you would like to PM me.


Logo design is such a popular category on Fiverr. I suggest you message the seller beforehand and communicate what you are looking for!


Just make sure that you understand the results for the Reverse Image Search, i.e. if the Seller has completed successful Gigs for images on the web, you’ll probably find them. If someone else has copied that Seller’s work, that might show up too. If you do find results, make sure you look into them.

That’s something to always remember. Artists and designers tend to work in the style they like and are most comfortable in (and are recognized for). You may find a little variance, but I’d imagine that most Buyers look at the images and buy what they see and like (well, the honest ones anyway).


They definitely ripped off other logos. The logos they copied were from businesses that have their own websites. lol


You’ll find level 0 to TRS, some with 100’s of reviews, gave clients stolen logo’s.

There are legitimate, honest logo designers here but unfortunately, you have to filter through many and in most cases will have no idea who is who.

I’ve tried finding logo designers myself and thus far have failed. The signature logo on my profile was done by a 5r seller, but I’m sure that’s not what you’re looking for.


You can report the seller to Customer Support as idostuff74 mentioned. Outside of suggestions of messaging the seller and looking into their port, why not request a paid sample of sorts which includes their work flow from start to finish. I’m terrible when going straight digital so I do some sketches and take the promising ones to the computer.

It probably sounds a lot to some but its the only thing I can think of especially since not everyone puts their work flow online for viewing; just finished work. Hope it helps.


Learn from experience, there is an awful lot to get good reviews but still frequent plagiarism of other people’s work, but not all designers like it, sometimes indeed we must be selective to forward its