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How to report copyright infringement


My Name is Branislav Vujaskovic. I am the founder and owner of a YouTube channel that deals with recording tutorials for Adobe illustrator. My most numerous category is 3D Logo Design. The channel is called Clever Mark.

When I logged in to the fiverr, I found that many designers use my works as their own and in that way realize the sale of the logo, I even found that they directly sold my works (I was contacted by a cheated customer).

My question is is there any protection of my copyright? I want to report when I find to someone use my work.

Thanks in advance.


There is a flag button on every gig. If that gig is infringing upon your copyrighted work, you are welcome to click that flag button, and report it to Fiverr.

You could also send Customer Service a message as well.


Please contact customer support

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Please don’t copy other users’ posts! :sunny:


WoW this is bad…some people are such a pain,hope you will get your justice!


@jonbaas can we report comments as well?
People can’t even write their own comments lol


Thank you for your answer, but I can not find a flag. Can you show me where it is?


Beside the favourite (heart) symbol at the top - it’s a little black flag.


upper right side on the gig page under the category section.


I’ll send you a specific picture to see what this is about. This 3D trinity logo is mine. I do not see a flag here. Sorry, but I have the feeling that this option may be turned off
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You need to click on an individual gig - not a profile. You’ll then see the flag.

Please remove the screenshot - thank you! :sunny:


Use this link to connect with Support to have your work removed.

Be ready to provide some form of proof as well!

Contact Support


The irony of having to remove a screenshot shown by a genuine creator because it shows someone who has copied his work is not lost on me but I just enforce forum rules, not copyright or anything to do with the main site :confused:

If you have seen quite a few of these violations, I suggest you contact customer support and ask them how you should go about reporting them.


I apologize. I’m not familiar with the forum rules. I’m new here. I will not bite the rules in the future.

Does anyone have experience with report via customer support?
I’ve seen a lot of copyright documentation asking for it. I even found the number of registered copyrights. I do not have such things. I am a YouTube creator and I have all original files (the date of publication of the video), but I have done so far 4000 logo I do not have gov document intellectual property. My question is are they only looking for something as evidence of ownership or some precise government protection?

Thank you for your colleague’s support


at first you have to inform the seller and then you contact with customer support
also there is a option on gig you see the flag icon and click this then contact with customer support hope you will get the help


I don’t but I know that others have said it is a difficult process for some reason.
That’s why I suggest asking CS how you can go about it.


Thank you, but I do not see that flag again. Maybe I’m a new member.

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It’s a very complicated procedure. What is required can only have companies that have really seriously protected their copyrights. But to do this, it’s very expensive no designer will deal with it. I think the fiverr has made a trap for these things, but that’s not good for the future. If this is proclaimed, clients will not use the fiverr services.

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Just try flagging the gig - one of the options is ‘copyrights violation’ and you can fill in all the info needed after that - good luck! :sunny:


As previously mentioned, contacting support would be your ideal first step before even trying to provide proof.

They may remove your work effortlessly and proof won’t be required.

Again, contact support here and request your work to be removed.

Best of luck!