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How to report fraudulent seller ? [ARCHIVED]

I just get scammed on 12 gigs. Is there any way to report the seller for his fraudulent activities or negative review is the only step I can do?

Any way I can get my money back ? And how to prevent his fraud activities, so no one makes mistake I did ?

Reply to @puntacanalife: At the top of this page you can see a link that says “Contact Support.” You can also click this hyperlink: Customer Support. Once you get there there is a place to submit a request (ticket) on the upper right.

The customer service information?

Where is the customer contact information? I need to report a seller.

Contact the Fiverr Customer Support, they will solve your problem.

He disabled a functioning website so I cannot sell. He has not delivered anything useful and does not respond. This order is not complete.

I need the seller to fix my website. This is urgent.

Watch out for the seller fragglesrock he did the same thing to me!

Reply to @marketingservic: You should remove the sellers username before a moderator does it for you. It is not allowed to call people out by name. If you have a problem with a seller you can cancel and get a refund. If you feel the seller has perpetrated a fraud you can contact Fiverr Customer service and report the seller.

I found a great cheater in fiverr, he always want to deal in paypal…I ordered in paypal(1st time) but he didn’t delivery any products…his user id in fiverr(eduardjohn)… please don’t any deal with him… please be safe from Cheater


I’ve had a bad experience with a seller on here before with a website. Was basically have wordpress already installed. The seller failed to deliver on time and a few days after that the homepage of the wordpress installation was mysteriously blank. Don’t know if that was the seller’s way of getting back at me for the automated “Failed to deliver on time” feedback he received. I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling wordpress myself and doing something else with the site. Would of been happy to buy the script and install it myself but the gig required the seller installing it. While I think most sellers are good on here, it only takes one time for a new buyer to have a bad experience to never return.

Woah 12 gigs?

Thank you, I was using my phone last night and did not see the link show up.

Stay AWAY from [FRAGGLESROCK]!!! I was lured in by the crazy reviews she has but later found out anyone can have 5 stars. We agreed on her writing my resume and agreed on a price of $25. Which included rewriting, editing, reformatting my resume. I sent over an ALREADY completed resume to her to edit. After I paid and sent it over it was next to impossible to get a response. When I did get a response it was jibberish and made no sense. She always said " I sent it from my cell" . I had no idea what she was up to until the day (within a few hours) my resume was supposed to be delivered, then it happens. The old bait and switch tactic! On the 10th(technically 11th day) she said she needed another $25 or she was canceling the order. I should have known all her self praise was a scam. Her excuse was my resume was considered complex. I laughed out load because I assure you guys it’s far, far from complex not to mention it was already written. Please do yourself a favor and don’t do business with this unethical, unprofessional women! I should have known better and lost, now almost 2 weeks to apply to the job I wanted:( because of this. Again her name is [FRAGGLESROCK] and you can see right through her by reading the redicilous self praising intro she has about herself. Anyone know of a “real” resume writer on here?

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12 gigs, jesus … buy two of mine, it’s a safer bet LOL … worse case scenario you find what you’re looking for with a side of free tips.

Hi soulance,
I think you ordered the gigs for work and not get your desire results from seller? right?

if the seller delivered the orders, you can reject the deliveries, can send manually cancellation of the orders. You can also contact Customer support for cancellation of orders. Hope this helps!


Sheriff’s Note: It is recommended to contact Customer Support. Some of this thread is very old and may be misleading so it will be archived.

Reply to @chapi1: Strange…this lady has written several resumes for my clients and all were quite happy.

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