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How to report hackers?

I am receiving message for android app submission and asking me to add their email into my developer account so he can upload app. I know he is trying to hack my account how can I report user ?
2 Buyer contact me that why want to work work me on long term business, ask me to contact via Email or WhatsApp. How can I report them ? bcz this is also against rules.
Sorry for my poor English :frowning:
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Report the messages themselves and contact Customer Support by opening a ticket.


To add to the previous reply…

  • If you want to report an user: Go to their profile, click on report (right below their username), from there you can choose why you’re reporting that user.

  • If you want to report a message: Hover the message and you’ll see right next to the message timestamp the option to report the message.

From there Customer Support should revise the user behavior/messages and act accordingly.