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How to Report Non Performance

I ordered a Gig from [fragglesrock] that was a 24 hour turnaround. My confirmation stated the order would be ready in 3 days.

I contacted them to ask for their advertised 24 hour response. That was 8 days ago and I never heard from them again.

They marked the order as complete, but never sent any output.

I want a refund and this seller reported. They are very deceptive. I have ordered over 100 Gigs, and this was b y far the worst experience.

I just might be having the same experience with a seller. I bought a 24 hour info-graphic gig that said “up to 5 points” $5. I sent the five points I wanted to appear on the graphics and got a message that it was a complicated job and it required another $15. So, foolishly enough, I ordered another 3 gigs and waited and waited and after a few days the seller marked the $15 gig as complete and asked for another 24 hours. Of course I said no problem, but on the third day of non-delivery I requested a modification so the order wouldn’t be marked as complete. Sure enough, the seller almost immediately “fulfilled the request” but uploaded nothing. He just wrote “please wait”. Now I’m getting nervous. I wrote him back and told him I’m about to cancel because I needed the graphic in one, maybe two days. I could have lived with 3 days, but now day 5 is nearing end and still nothing. All I get is “Please wait, sir”.

I’m afraid there’s a new epidemic of scammers and I think that if you wait long enough and your order gets “Completed”, there’s little chance you’ll get your money back. All you can do is write a bad revision (which one other member did with my user and got back very foul language and a negative buyer’s review). Unacceptable.

I ordered well over 200 gigs during the years and this one is by far the worst. Maybe it’s time to only stick to tested sellers, even though they fulfil the order in 3 days instead of 24 hours.

Maybe this will turn into a $15 lesson for me…

Cancel the gigs. Sure things can come up that might delay a seller, but from what both of you are saying, you’ve been patient enough and it doesn’t look like you’ll get satisfaction.

It’s nice to be nice, but don’t waste more of your time. Better luck in the future!

@michaelstetina , you can open a case till 14 days after the order is marked completed.

Do it now. Don’t let the seller get away with it.

Buyers, please note. Do not let the seller mark the order completed before the jobs is done.

No matter what. Whatever he/she says. When you have the files/output, it supposed to be marked then.

Anyone doing something like this, request the modification right away. If he is doing the same again, cancel the order.

Something similar happened to me with one seller who does/did calligraphy-style “logo” designs, except I gave him a few extra weeks.

He “completed” the order with a blank document. I requested a “modification”, indicating that the document was blank (perhaps it was a mistake or an uploading error?). There were the usual “Please wait” and “Will deliver within 24 hours” messages periodically from him. When it became clear he really was never going to fill the order, I contacted CS with a brief explanation of the problem.

CS cancelled the order within minutes. They might also have suspended his account.

How right you were, @madmoo

The a** hole waited until 8 hours before ending of the 2-day mutual cancellation waiting period before rejecting cancellation. Even though I told him to please do it quickly because I need to go to another seller for this gig as I need it done almost a week ago.

I sent a complaint with screenshots to customer support and I hope they process it soon.

BEWARE OF THE SELLER anthony_10 because he is a scammer!

Reply to @hypnodoc:

Wow. The guy’s feedback on his logo design gig. Just wow.

Reply to @catsquirrel: Look it’s @catsquirrel! Someone has been looking for you all over the forum.

You have absolutely nothing to worry about Fiverr customer service is very buyer based but in this case you actually did get ripped off so you’ll definitely get your money back. Lol theres no way anyone is robbing anyone on someone elses platform… If anything Fiverr is robbing 20% and still charging transaction fees to buyers :stuck_out_tongue:

Reply to @dzgn_101: Thanks for the heads-up. Cheers.

Reply to @catsquirrel: No worries! I had a good giggle when I finally saw your name in this thread.

Reply to @dzgn_101: Aaand… “The user account you are looking for is no longer available.”

Reply to @dzgn_101: Exactly! When I saw this, I knew I was in trouble… But I know that he would probably be suspended just for that.

Justice has been served! I just received all of my money back. The order was cancelled and the before mentioned user is no longer a Fiverr member as he was deleted.

Thank you for your help, guys! And thanks to the support for being there for the users.

Now I have some gigs to purchase…