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How to report one who tries to change his price from 5 to $600?


FRAGGLESROCK says on Fiverr at the top that he charges $5 and then sent an email wanting $600 to do a website for three pictures and testamonials. Why doesn’t Fiverr let us tell this type of misrepresentation /fraud?

Sheriff’s Note: It is not cool (or allowed) to call out others on the Forum.


Does he say he will do a complete website for $5.00?


Read the gig description to get the scoop. You are only allowed so many characters to do the title – you need to read, read, read to find out what he will do for $5.


Fiverr is a website that does market itself for $5 services, however with gig extras Sellers are allowed to extend their services beyond a $5 price range worth of work. You really do have to read descriptions on what a Seller includes or doesn’t include for the original $5 price. However, the name you mentioned seems to have a terrible history with scam complaints in the forums I have noticed. You can use the search bar at the top of the page to do some research


Reply to @brunettegrenade: Don’t pick on poor ol’ Fragglesrock. It’s hard enough not being real. Fragglesrock is the word substituted when someone writes words that aren’t allowed or nicknames of members being complained about because it is unfair to only have one side of the story.

So if I tell you to go ■■■■ yourself, it comes out “Go ■■■■ yourself”. See?


Reply to @brunettegrenade:

Yes. Fragglesrock is NOT a real person. Some oafs get impish glee out of pretending s/he “is” and in watching newbies assume it’s a real person. The made up word fragglesrock is used to denote the personal information of a real person since fiverr is against publicly outing/humiliating people…

So, now you know so go out and spread the word to the benighted and the uninformed, less they be targeted by simpletons for eternal sh*ts and giggles.

Ooh. I sound so bitter…

Hey. Fiverr rocks! :wink:


Reply to @pearlsant: Hey… who says he’s not real… he hangs out right here in the forum, he just doesn’t show his face very often.


Reply to @ozzieuk: :)) Oh. ‘That’ fragglesrock. I forgot about this shyster.


LOL, oh my gosh… here I thought it was the same username. That’s really funny… #-o


Reply to @pearlsant: I have been hanging around the forums for quite awhile. Probably not as much as some. I’m not a Newbie, and this is news to me. I guess I completely missed the ‘Fragglesrock’ thing. I seriously just thought it was someone’s username. They should put ‘Username censored’ or something lol, but I guess that takes the fun outta things



Thanks SteveEyes… I had forgotten about this (short-lived) series by the Master: Jim Hensen. :slight_smile:



@regency85 - Short Lived? It had 4 seasons! That’s a pretty good stretch. Especially for those days and especially for a puppet show. Actually… for a puppet show it had an amazing run. LOL


Reply to @brunettegrenade: Exactly.