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How to report seller?

I have an issue with a seller that i wish to report to Fiverr. He submitted his work and when i asked for a revision, he asked me to mark it completed to help him out. Then right after he ghosted me. I am new and lesson is learned but still i wish to report him for being so unprofessional.


Did you mark the order as complete?

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Yes, he told me to mark it completed to help him with his ranking so it wouldnt show up as late. This was my first order. I now know not to do it again!

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You can reach CS at

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Well, your seller definitely doesn’t know how fiverr works. If he delivered his first delivery on time it wouldn’t be affect his profile or made it late with revisions.

You can contact fiverr CS with a contact is button on the bottom of the help page


I think it was the buyer’s first order, not the seller’s.

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