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How to report users for spam/phishing?

How do you report a user for spam or phishing?

I have just started posting gigs on Fiverr and the only messages I have received have clearly been scammers and phishers. I’d like the ability to easily report them, but I have searched high and low for a report button - but cannot seem to find any.

Seems like standard functionality nowadays to be able to report a user for something like that, so does anyone know of a way to report them?

Hover over the message and you will see a report/spam button. Press the appropriate one and you will be good to go.


Hi @kylestephens123, welcome to Fiverr and the forum!

Adding to what @donnovan86 said, please reply to it before flagging the message. In that way, your “Response Rate” won’t suffer.

You may write something like “Reported”, or “No”, etc. You don’t need to be extensive on your writing.


No need to reply to a spammer. Just hit the Spam button and you are done, this won’t affect your response rate.

Many users have claimed their RR has suffered so, why risk it? It will only take a few seconds to reply and live peacefully ever after. :wink:


@rahulgraphics This :arrow_up: is so true. I am not sure if it is a bug (it’s probably a bug), but every once in a while, it so happens that the response rate gets affected if you do not reply back to spammers.

Yes, this seems to happen even with messages under which it states something along the lines of: “You do not have to reply to this message as it has been detected as spam. Your response rate will not be affected.”

It’s better to err on the side of caution and just post a reply (“NO” will suffice) than to have the bug affect your response rate. This is a much better option than to have to contact CS and try and get your response rate reset (which they may not even agree to).


My response rate dropped because of it. I only reported but didn’t reply.

It’s better to reply then report. As @maitasun said, “why risk it?”


scroll over the message, and you’ll see a report button :smile: