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How to request a buyer change a review WITH the NEW feedback system? (2019)


Hi Fiverr friends,

It seems like there’s a lot of threads on here on how to request a buyer change a review with the old feedback system. Now with the new feedback system, it’s not so straightforward because you don’t see a client’s review until you leave a review. And then you’re just left with this resolution center screen with no option to request a change anymore:

Is contacting support now the only way to request a buyer to change a review?
Has anyone done this yet and would like to explain the process?

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In short, don’t. It’s too risky, and it doesn’t pay dividends.

If you ask a buyer to change their review, it’ll be considered feedback manipulation, and you might get an account warning. If a buyer asks Fiverr to change their review by their own volition, Fiverr will probably say no unless the review violates the Terms of Service.


But this was a perfectly normally and acceptable feature on Fiverr until the new feedback system came out (see here an old thread on how to request feedback changes, allowed once per order).

There has to be a safe and TOS friendly way to request a feedback change with the new feedback system.

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Fiverr is trying to improve the integrity of the review system. In the past, there were a number of ways to get around bad reviews: offer cancellations, harass buyers, offer freebies, etc.

Now, Fiverr doesn’t want anybody playing around with the system. Buyers and sellers both review a transaction once, then it’s done. If a seller tries to cancel an order to avoid a bad review, or asks a buyer to change their review, he or she will likely be slapped with an account warning. If a buyer asks to change their review, this request will usually be denied unless the review is abusive or was the result of a technical error.

Here’s a quote from the Help Center that explains Fiverr’s current philosophy when it comes to the exchanging of reviews:

To maintain the integrity and quality of our marketplace, we ask both sellers and buyers to provide their reviews after each order. It’s important that these reviews are honest and independent of any outsider pressures, giving both buyers and sellers a chance to learn from candid and thoughtful reviews.


The chances of getting a review changed now is probably 1% if that much. You’ve been given the best information which is that it’s smarter not to even try to get it changed. People have received warnings, demotions and even bans for asking for a review change. If you want to try anyway, Support is your only option, but I agree with @ahmwritingco that it’s not a good idea.


As I recall someone said they got a warning after asking CS for a review change. I’m not sure if they had asked the buyer for one first, but it seems likely.

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no way! if the order is marked as completed. as well as you will not be able to open resolution button.
Fair review system !

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No, there isn’t.

If the review is a very obvious ToS violation, or if you’re certain that you got the review due to a technical error, you can try asking CS to remove it, but even that might be risky.


Hello Friends,
I must say fiverr new review system is 100% better than old. Now, Buyer place a review. It will be only seen after we will place a review. Sometimes, the order was completed by buyer and the buyer is not satisfied. He place the review which we don’t know. You must not place a review.
In short: Always contact to your buyer after completing order, either he is satisfied or not. Obviously, satisfaction will be get a 5* review.

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Contacting buyer after the order is completed might be considered as spam with new fiverr rules.


Really??? I don’t know this idea


Thanks for your feedback and advice everyone. I really appreciate it.

Do you have a TOS quote on this? I searched the TOS and can’t find any blanket bans on post-order contacting.


now Your link not working. I have the same problem. Needed buyer change a review WITH the NEW feedback system. Can you help me?


There have been several posts on the forum where sellers have said that they received warnings for asking for a change of review.

Check this out:

Best just to move on.


my client was 100% satisfied but he give me 4 star by mistake. any solution ?