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How to request for expanses

So my gig is to buy and export the requested product from Japan to abroad. Now the price for the gig obviously I will request through the Fiverr website however, how do request for the money that I will need to do the purchases of the requested products? Do I need to include it in my offer? Or can I request it directly to my PayPal account?

That is a very good question, although the answer is already available within Fiverr’s terms of service:

You may not offer Sellers to pay, or make payment using any method other than through the site.

Remember, all money that passes through Fiverr is subject to a 20% commission.

Therefore, for example, if your fee is $40 and your client is paying $400 for a Japan exclusive games console, then you will be be paying Fiverr $88 in commission.

I do understand that although you want to sell your service through Fiverr, you might think it’s unfair that you’ll also be paying commission on the fee for the physical product that you’ll be buying on behalf of your client.

I therefore think the best thing you can do is to directly ask customer support. They are best placed to guide you. However, Fiverr’s TOS are the rules, and they’re likely to point you to the section that I’ve already highlighted above.

If you do that, you’ll be instantly and permanently banned.

All payments have to go through Fiverr.

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