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How to reset my security question?


i forgot my security question, how do i reset it? in case i contacted customer support they say “Seeing as this is very sensitive information, we will not be able to help you reset/recover the answer to your security question.” . i so some posts on that forum says when we withdrawing money we need to provide answer for that question. yesterday i got my first order. so in future day when i have to withdraw money, how to do that without knowing and resetting that question?


You only need to know the answer to your security question, which you really must know surely?
There are only 5 questions, so 5 possible answers for you?

To change to a new security question and answer, you still have to know the answer to your original one, so resetting it won’t help I’m afraid.


no. there is only one question. :frowning:


You must know which school you went to? It can’t be that long ago! :wink:

When I said there are 5 possible questions, that’s how many you can choose from in the ‘set security question’ dropdown.


i know what is my elementary school :joy: but i don’t remember how did i enter it when i am setting it. yes to set new question, first i have to answer current question. :disappointed_relieved:


fortunately i got remembered it. thanks god. i tried it with before. but after typing wrong answers even if we type correct one, site will reject it. that’s why :blush: