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How to respond to a bad review

Hi, So I recently had a client who didn’t answer my questions clearly and when they asked for revisions they would tell me a few things to change, then after I delivered, they would come up with new things they wanted to be changed that they never mentioned before.
After completing the order, they left a 2 star review saying that it took too many revisions to get to the finished process and they went to another seller who finished with less revisions. It’s like they expected me to read their mind.
I want to reply to their review to explain my side of the story, but I also want to keep it professional and polite. Any tips on how to respond to this?


Just explain that they didn’t explain properly, and that you wouldn’t recommend working with them in the future, sorry that happened.


now you can’t do anything
i am saying by my experience
focus on next project
there are some fraud buyers also


This is what I am considering replying, I’m not sure if it’s the right or wrong thing to say: “I’m sorry you were not satisfied with my work. Revisions could have been significantly reduced if you had given me more information in the beginning rather than giving new information with every revision request.”


Replying is a choice only you can make. Personally, I reply to all of my reviews, and would reply even if I received a negative review.

There’s an art to replying to negative reviews however, and if you get it wrong, you could turn potential buyers away.

I’ll give you two theoretical scenarios:

Scenario 1: You’re checking the reviews of a seller you’re interested in. You notice they replied to the bad review hatefully.

Scenario 2: Again, you’re checking the reviews of a seller. This time, you notice they received a bad review but responded with an apology and brief explanation.

Who would you be more inclined to buy from? I would certainly prefer the seller in scenario 2.


Your reply should be based on facts only.

Just mention what you did and what Buyer did. That’s all.


Freelance work relies on building a reputation. Remember that when you construct your reply.


Bad advice. Responding to negative reviews is crucial to maintaining reputation and minimising damage to a business.

The op is completely correct to seek advice on how to respond if she is unsure.

If such a response is well written, future potential buyers will be able to see both sides of the argument, and then make an informed decision about whether to work with the seller.


I’m a newbie here on Fiverr, so my advice might not be 100% correct.

To me, however, your reply seems professional and polite. I would have replied in the same way if I were in your shoes. In fact, the buyer should have requested those changes straight away, after the first delivery.

If you get an unfair review, it’s important to let potential buyers know your side of the story.


Say thanks and move further, even if your feelings are hurt or the review isn’t justified. One bad review isn’t the world, and if you have some low ratings, that also confirms for your other clients, that you’re a human being who can make mistakes.


Thanks for all the advice guys! I feel pretty good about the response I came up with for it, and I have a ton of 5 star reviews so my average isn’t affected too much by it. :slight_smile: I appreciate all your help, everyone!


I’m glad you felt confident in replying. All the best!

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When phrasing a response to a negative review that’s going to be publicly viewable on your profile for ever more, always bear in mind how it will read to any future potential buyers who are reviewing your feedback.

Ask yourself what’s best?..

  1. a response where you are publicly blaming the bad buyer and pointing the finger at them and coming across as a bit annoyed and maybe even a bit feisty.


  1. a response where you simply say “I’m sorry it didn’t work out. Should you have another design requirement in future then let’s chat as it would be good to make you happy”.

Of course, you’re never going to work with this buyer again because you’re going to block them! You are, aren’t you? But it’s your public image you need to protect.

For my money option 2 makes you look responsive, reasonable, and a really nice person to work with.

For what it’s worth I would advise against posting the phrase “if you had given me more information in the beginning” because that will come back to bite you on the backside. It’s your job as the seller to ensure you have sufficient information to begin with.


One thing you must bear in mind as a seller is that every client you will meet is different. There are some people that you can never please, no matter how hard you try. Just pray you don’t meet those kind of people. One job one man called a poor job, another buyer will be very glad to give a 5-star review. So it all depends on the kind of person you are working with. If you meet a good person, I am very sure you will have a good experience working with the person. However when you get a bad review, I recommend you do three things.

  1. Apologize for any inconveniences and promise to do better next time.
  2. Go back to your drawing board and check if the review is actually true with your work. Then work on your areas of weakness and improve.
  3. Never be rude to your customer. Be polite as much as you can. The customer is always right. Then forget the past, move on and get ready for your next order. Give it all you got and expect a 5-star review in return. Hope this helps.

I’ve spent 7 years in customer service career. In such situation we should not blame the buyer. Give buyer an impression that his observation was right in some point, then start explaining your part with an assurance that in the very next project you’ll get his job done faster and now that you understand the buyer, so next time he won’t even have to explain that much.


Definitely going for seller 2 :slightly_smiling_face:. Some clients can be annoying though but keeping things professional requires you reply tactfully always


I like your explanation. Thanks :blush::blush::blush:


Nicely put.
As sellers, we can use your tips to manage negative reviews.
Thanks for sharing.

Sorry for what happened, but I think @english_voice suggestion would be the best to tackle such a situation.

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That (2) is a bit too neutral of a response if and only if the buyer has the majority of the fault.

I totally agree about this:

But any situation can be turned to support your side of the story, phrased into a positive, polite one, but still, stating where the buyer went wrong.

I would say “I am sorry that it didn’t work out for you. I have sent you several revisions after your remarks and the additional work you’ve requested, and I tried hard to do the best I can to meet your expectations. I wish you well in your future projects.”

Then, blocking him and at the end, you can be more harsh on the review you post on his profile, if you need to be more harsh :slight_smile: