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How to respond to a buyer request

Hi, How do I message my buyers about the requirements that they have mentioned after I’ve submitted them my offer.
How do I also respond to any buyer questinnaire that I’ve solved so as to get the order?

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Once you’ve left an offer to a buyer request, don’t do anything else. Do not try and contact the buyer because it’s considered spam! If they report you, which they probably will, you could end up with a banned account.

If you use the search tool (:mag:) at the top of the Forum and search for “tips on responding to buyer requests”, you’ll find a lot of useful info because this question has already been answered many times.


Check this out: Fiverr Help and Education Center (Responding to Buyer Requests).

With a BR you tell them everything you think they need to know based on the info (or lack) in the BR.

After that you forget them entirely as there is nothing else that you can or should do - unless the person contacts you.

(and be careful at that point that your excitement does not blind you as to what they might really be up to as many BR people are scavengers and vampires - and that is putting it politely).


Thank you friends for the tips provided… I’ll follow the suggestions given.