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How to respond to negative feedback by customers?


So I had a perfect rating, then one fine day (despite my clear request on the gig to contact me before ordering), some guy orders my gig and I was ill so wasn’t able to attend to it properly. I worked on one image, gave him that and since he wasn’t satisfied with the second, i requested him cancellation as I was too ill to continue. he kept dragging it with excuses until he finally offered cancellation from his end, which i accepted. i had no idea that fiverr marks you negatively if you accept a cancellation offered by the client! i mean what the hell !! it was a mutual cancellation ! and to further worsen this, he was given the right to rank me and unlike the norm, I was given no option to respond. so he conveniently gave me a thumbs down saying that I didn’t ‘deliver on time’ (…say what!!!) and that dropped my perfect 100% to 94%!!! … why fiverr why??? and not i’ve got that ugly red thumbs down on my gig with his stupid lie of a rating and I cant even respond back to that to tell the world what actually happened :S!

So . I guess what I’m ranting about is… HOW TO RESPOND TO NEGATIVE RATING!? I have a false thumbs down and I want to respond to that to justify :((


“cancelled order. seller failed to deliver on time!” is an automated feedback left if you don’t deliver on time and not left on the buyers end. In otherwords, there is no way to remove that. You can contact CS and they may consider removal if you explain the situation.

freelancemm said: In otherwords, there is no way to remove that.

This is false!

debrapinckney said: i had no idea that fiverr marks you negatively if you accept a cancellation offered by the client!

They don't and from what I'm reading you may have missed something. But that's okay!

It seems the order was cancelled to being late. If you made several attempts to cancel because you were sick and expressed this to the buyer and they refused. This can be seen as abuse from the buyer, as you've communicated with them and tried to cancel prior to delivery.

Be sure to provide screenshot this and write a detailed message to Customer Service by submitting a Support Ticket. Make sure you show in your ticket that you tried to cancel, your request was denied (showing the buyer made excuses, etc.) and then after it was "in the buyers hands" they cancelled. Let Customer Service know, you didn't know it would effect you like it would. They should remove it in 'good faith'.

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kjblynx said: If you read the next line you will see that feelancemm also suggested support.

Thanks for pointing that out. I don't know what we would do with out you! :D


Same thing happen with me too…!! i don’t find solution for that.

Three clients who cancelled order and i got negative rating just due to this reason.

I sent a message to client for wait n client was agree. I also told to client that if he wanted to cancel then please inform me, i would cancel from my side but client cancelled order from his side n i got negative review.


thanks for the valuable advise freelance and promogirl! i think this is what i’ll do, contact the customer support. and hope they understand, otherwise it’ll just be a bad mark on my rep

@arihant, you try doing the same!


and yet again i was made to face this unfairness ! this is what i mailed them

following up to my last complain:

yet another order of mine was cancelled and my rating drastically screwed just cause the client took his sweet time to respond! he didn’t even cancel it or leave a bad rating then who gave fiverr the right to do so for me?

and how unfair is your system exactly?? i do 10 5-star gigs and my rating goes up by 1 bloody percent. I get one (unfairly) cancelled order and my rating gets a blow of 5%??? you NEED TO REVISE YOUR RATING SYSTEM!! yes we love this place and you know we’ll stick around so you can manipulate us, but hey, we have a limit you know. it won’t last this way if sellers are treated like shit! we need our rights and respect just as the buyers do! enough of the bias !

i’m attaching a pic of my conversation as a proof

Fiverr Customer Support


Reply to @kjblynx: There was mentioning of it being dragged out, likely by continuous requesting of modifications or not accepting a cancellation. Then the order can be cancelled as being late, but it wouldn’t be fair or just because she tried to communicate.

If this is what happened, however, it can be sent to Customer Support and they might reverse it, if it turns out that the buyer took advantage of the system somehow.


same thing happened to me yesterday. The buyer did not read the description of my gig and ordered it. I sent him the document and he started calling me a cheat and was going to give me a negative review.

I kept asking him why he didnt read the description before ordering. and he would never respond. He sent a cancelation request to get refunded so I had to give him a refund before he screwed my ratings.

Does canceling the order really effect the ratings. I got an email from fiverr a few weeks back saying if its a mutual cancelation then it wont effect the ratings.


Same thing happened to me recently - CS refuse to remove feedback even though buyer refused to cancel after I said I couldn’t deliver. 3 years later, still haven’t improved things. Very frustrating.


A 3.5 year old thread, a real antique.