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How to restore removed buyer's request?

I removed buyer’s request (by mistake-error) when i tried send offer… so how can I restore the buyer’s request and resend an offer to him, please.

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I don’t believe restoration of a removed buyer’s request is possible. Once you’ve deleted it, you aren’t able to interact with it any further. You may have to move on and find another request to respond to.

Yes there is no way to restore a removed BR



Yes, very inconvenient…I discovered that as well, if it helps you, you´re not alone with your mistake-error. :slight_smile:


May I ask how you removed a buyer’s request by accident? I’m just curious.

One of the seller’s who bid on my project (Buyer’s Request) had no idea what I was talking about when I asked him to do a $120.00 project that he bid on. How could he not remember bidding on a project that high or is it typical to have projects in the hundreds on BR? I’m not a seller, so I have no idea what it looks like at the seller’s end.

I have a little question. A buyer sent me a message to my inbox about a job. After negotiating the terms he told me to send him a request so he can pay me. How do I do that?

Here, just click the create offer button and fill the necessary details and send the offer. See the attachment. Hope this helps.

svaba923…The attachment was not uploaded I don’t know why, but you’ll the find the “Create Offer” option in the bottom-right corner of the conversation. Just go to that sellers conversation and create a custom offer. That’ll work.

That’s it. Thank you very much.

It is understandable if the Seller couldn’t remember the particular bid. I submit 10 bids daily and when I’m not doing bids, I’m working on the received orders (not only on this platform). I can pretty remember very recent orders I’ve handled and/or handling. Anything outside of these, I just cannot remember.

It happened to me once, i tried all i could to restore but at the end i had to move on to other request.

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That makes perfect sense. 10 x 6 days = 60 bids before and another 60 after me.

Thanks for the info./Gina

I think he was talking about the custom offer. You can send custom offers during negotiation.


there is no way to restore a removed


Try pressing the back button on your browser. It worked for me…


You won’t able to restore buyer request.

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