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How to restore your response rate

Hi everybody,

if you too have your response rate dropping and going crazy even after you anwserd all messages on time, it might be because of those scamming accounts that gets banned before you can reply or report them, if this is the case then you have the right to contact customer support about it and explain that it was because of a scamming account you could do nothing about and they have to restore your response rate because it was not your fault, just be patient and give them time to read your request and i guarantee they will restore it if this is your case.

BUT !!! after your response rate is restored you have to go to your inbox and delete those messages from the scamming account, because if you don’t, the system will start calculationg your response rate as it does always and will consider those messages not responded to again and you will suffer from response rate drops again.

I’m not sure about this, but it happened to me, got my response rate restored and did not delete them and after 24 hours it dropped again even tho i responded to every single message on time.

So i hope this helps and waiting for fiverr team to fix this by making messages from scamming accounts that got deleted or banned marked as responded to.

Thank you everybody :slight_smile:

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okay, my response has already come back to over 90%.

Thanks for the tip. It seems like so much work! But I guess it is worth it. The spammers are really going to be hated because of this–if they weren’t already.

Great tips and i will work on it thanks.

Reply to @timelyservices: you are welcome :slight_smile:

Reply to @writerlisaz: yeah they are more than hated specially the “annben” accounts who never seems to give up
ur welcome :slight_smile: