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How to resume paused gig there is no option to resume the gig


I recently paused the gig in order to modify it but when I modified my gig and wanted to resume it back there isn’t any resume or continue with that gig , so do i need to set a new gig on that name ?

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Select your gig (the tick) that you want to unpause and there will be an option for activate or delete and you can activate by clicking Activate.


Thanks bro you helped me,god bless you


I paused my gig by mistake and now i cant see any option about to activate my gig… what should i do now??


You’ve got 6 active gigs, so to find the missing one, go to selling >> gigs - then look under paused.

Click on the checkbox to the left of the gig and an ‘activate’ button will appear above it - click it and it’ll go back to being active.


Thank you… my problem solved


You’re very welcome - glad to hear it! :slightly_smiling_face:


I set up my gig months ago and now it shows as paused. I’ve tried every solution in this thread–checking the box in the list of paused gigs just checks a box, Nothing happens. I can’t even get to the gig page itself to begin promoting it. Any clues?


Hi @flcreative

Although this thread is 3 years old, I’ll reply in hope I can help you out.

Go to your profile, there you’ll see all your gigs. Every gig has 3 little dots below (…) when you put your mouse over it, it will say “gig actions”. Press it and a window will show up. Hope this helps.

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