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How to return extra $15 back to buyer?

She does not mind sending extra $15 to me, but I do not feel good about it. I want to return her this amount, although is not a big sum. Mutually cancel the order will not be a good choice as she seems new to fiverr, and this does not reflect good to the business too, I am the seller, I must provide service.


There are no partial refunds, unfortunately. If you want to return any funds you will have to cancel the order (always a terrible idea) and have the buyer reorder. If you have already delivered the order, the buyer could potentially not reorder and you would have lost the money on the delivered product.

As you can see, these are not the best choices available. I would ask if there was anything else or any other gig the buyer was interested in and deliver $15 worth of it (if they agree). Offering partial refunds would be a helpful feature on Fiverr.

Good luck!

Hi Cheezees, thanks for the reply. I have forward this issue to fiverr support and waiting for their reply. It sucks not to have this function in here.