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How to Return Money to your Client?

I confess I took a client who paid me well and I failed to give her desired results. At first, she approved my work and gave me a 5-star rating. Later she realized that work was not up to her standards. I agree with her and I want to return her money. Is there any way to return her money? I feeling guilty.


If you already have withdrawn the cash, there is no other way you can give her a refund. Maybe redoo the work and send it to her via inbox if you can.

If you’ve not withdrawn the money, she can simply open a dispute on the order and she’ll be refunded and the fund will not be cleared. WARNING! This will really affect your stats.


Thanks it is helpful. I really do not care about my stats I just can not do anyone wrong.


Just shared that thing with my client. :slight_smile: Hope it will help her.

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That’s great, but consider it for a while. You can redo the job and send it to her instead of having a shortcoming after the hardwork you’ve put.


Wish you all the best.