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How to return the payment to buyer?

Is there any way to return payment to the buyer?

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Yes you should cancel the order and payment is automatically returned to buyer


order is completed but payment accepted now if I want to return that how can I?

Okayy so You need to contact customer support regarding this order and they will cancel this order and return payment to buyer without effective your account

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thanks for your valuable information.

Why would you want to return payment to a buyer who has completed his/her order? Do you not like getting paid for work that you have completed?


you have a great point :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Nice topic but why you want to back your earned money to that buyer?

actually I want to know about that procedure.

If we don’t cancel then there will be risk of report from the buyer.
So what should we do

If you did the work, and the order is complete, don’t cancel. You don’t get paid if you cancel an order. You end up giving your work away for free if the order is complete, and you refund the order. You deserve to get paid for the work that you do.