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How to revise user rating? Bad experience

I got a very bad experience with a seller. Out of my goodwill I added additional 40% from initial 75 usd to 100 usd more than what he was asking for and also had accept the user delivery early out of good faith and gave him a good rating. I didnt check the work that he delivered. After 1-2 days, I contacted him to see if he could revise or rework some parts. However, in my dismay the user asked me if i were a girl or boy. It came to me in an odd behavior all these while that he has been addressing me dear for sometime… Was Abit uncomfortable and i had initially brushed off, and I thought he maybe would have been polite or have the cultural differences of addressing a customer. But that, aside, it makes me very uncomfortable since.

I had tried to contact him to see if he could have revise the work and he hasnt replied or support. It makes me very disappointed that despite being good to thr new seller and giving him the opportunity was eventually a stab in my back.

I am hoping the support team can allow me to revise my rating base on my experience.


i dont think the CS can revise the rating. they removed that feature so maybe you work hard to get more positive reviews

You misunderstood. I am the buyer for the service. And I had given a good rating to the seller. Now I totally regret my decision to empathize new seller for not getting jobs etc…

Hi @limenhui, I am really sorry you have to experience this with a seller here. You can contact Customer Support and inform them of their misbehavior and see if they could assist you.

Going forward, it is wise to check the work of a seller and make necessary changes and amendments before you accept the delivery and leave a review - though I am sure this is a lesson learned.

P.S. If his gig mentioned “unlimited revision” or the likes, please also inform CS about it if he refused to revise your delivery as it is considered misrepresentation of a gig. Best of luck!

Somehow It makes me feel that fiverr support is very limited. I am considering not using this platform. the security and support is very much to the minimal or none at all. I am now very skeptical in continue using fiverr. Team hasn’t reach to me since I made report.

Due to COVID from April and before Fiverr gain a lot of new sellers and a lot of them is contacting CS so the response will take time.

You can not change your review. The CS will eventually answer you about this. If you see your ticket with CS labeled solved you do not need to open new one, you responding to it will open the ticket again until it is solved in the way that suits you.

If the seller offered revisions you are entitled to that in your order.

For future reference, when the buyer delivers you have three days to download materials and review them and approve them or ask for revision. You do not have to approve delivery the moment when it was provided to you by the seller.

“out of good faith and gave him a good rating” this is a very risky concept to use in online business.

Especially in the field you bought the service from.

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Hello My Friend,
Sometimes we have face bad incidents with buyers and sellers. My advice is contact the Fiverr Customer Support and explain about the incident and they will examine the incident and make a fair judgement. Maybe you will have a refund. So open a ticket in Customer support. :grinning:

I did. and so far I havent receive Customer Support and it remains open today.

@limenhui Be patience customer support will get in touch with you. The last time I had issues and I contacted support. They responded after 2 weeks.

Wow and that is very long. I hope no one gotten into his order just because I had given him a good review. I am wondering why Fiverr dont have chat support like upwork does. But anyway upwork chat support is pretty much useless.

They will contact you soon. Due to covid pandemic the response time can be unto 10 days. Best thing thing is waiting <3