How to Root Android TV Box And Auto start Our Application?


Hi we have our Android Application,which is working fine in Android 4.4.2 Phone .But it is properly not working in Android Box,Properly means auto start is not happening in this TV box.can you suggest How can we do that.

Note:our Android TV box is not rooted. also tell me How can root it?

Raj Kumar


Hi Friends,

i am waiting for your comments.

please share your ideas for rooting this android TV Box.


One big reason you probably aren’t getting responses is that your question does not appear to be related to Fiverr. If someone does know how to do what you asked they will likely want you to pay for help.


Reply to @fonthaunt:

Hi Fonthaunt,

if you understand my query then can you please suggest us.

how can root My Android TV Box.


Reply to @rajkumar48: my price is 500,000.50 USD