How to rote a bayer request cover latter any one can show me some exapmle,


I always wrote this when I send a buyer request, if it’s not correct please help me to make it more attractive,

it’s my example,

Hi, Dear Hiring manager, I will help you to make a backup of your whole website information and then I send you a zip file for further again less 24 hours so let’s start conversation with me in my inbox,
Here are my previous some working demo,
example.url [actual URL removed by Moderator]
example.url [actual URL removed by Moderator]
example.url [actual URL removed by Moderator]

Please let me know?


sending the same msg is not a good idea :frowning: You should send proposal according to the requirement as described Buyer Request. :slight_smile:


making multiple threads with the exact same title and message isn’t good either @shawon_sunny


thank you so much for share your valuable opinion with me, can you provide me some sample,


anyone can give me a suggestion how to wrote a bayer request cover letter nicely

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I copied from my buyer request section >
Buyer Request: I have a WordPress website. I have purchased the updates through Envato to make it more efficient with up to date functionality. I need it plugged in. I also require some changes on my website around removing some things and adding others.
My Reply was: Hi there :slightly_smiling_face: Can I see the link of your purchased theme? I can help you to modify and resolve your issues as you needed :slightly_smiling_face:
This not a formal style :wink: but far better than sending pre-made reply :slight_smile:
Send Buyer Request as you replying client’s email/msg. Imagine you are in conversation with that buyer :wink:


great I god a different idea from your post, thank you thank you so much i apply it and i also try to add some new thing for make it more better,


i will try my level best for add some different thing can you send me some example,


Good Luck With Sells :sunflower: