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How to sale more than 5$


Hi this is rizidesigns23 since i joined fiverr i have got lot of order requests where people are looking for a 5$ logo one was looking for one double sided business card and two logo designs for 25$ which is not the right price for all these services. I told them that these services are not for 25$ you will not get all other files for that 5$ is just for a basic logo but they said they will get their job done by other designers.So my question is how to convince buyers to place the order more than 5$ ?


Well , First of all remember , if you think your work proposition is a bit on higher side and demands a higher price

First of all " advertise " the right price . Don’t just pool in like other sellers do "just to get business " i will do 4x work of another seller for the same price…

if someone abruptly tells you they will get someone else to make them a design " so be it " .

Tell them you’re more than welcome to move along.

There are 3 types of strategies when selling online :

  1. Differentiators ( a new product service idea )
  2. Cost Cutters ( selling low at a lower price / compared to what others are offering)
  3. Focus ( Looking for business possibly somewhere else )

Basic stuff


Perhaps you could put a comparison of your work in your portfolio? For example, place side-by-side the kind of work you would do for $5, $25 and so on.


Don’t offer your work for $5,- that will keep the $5,- customers out of the door and stops the time wasting discussions. You will get less requests, but you will notice that the quality of buyers reaching out to you will be higher. There is quite an amount of them here on Fiverr and they don’t even looking for $5,- gigs. Especially not if they need something done for professional purposes.


Well said mariokluser


As you already using packages, just adjust them accordingly.
Another thing is don’t look at your competition. I know that 99% of all the people here will tell you the opposite, but it’s really a waste of time. Especially if you are in the creative corner. What you are.
I remember that in the beginning a buyer asked me why I’m more expensive than my ‘competition’, who offered a huge amount of work for pennies. I replied that this is because I don’t need to flip burgers and therefore have more time to focus on my quality standard. Arrogant? Probably, but he hired me.
At some point you probably also want to rethink about ‘competition’ altogether. You see, Vauxhal builds cars and so is Lamborghini. They really don’t look at each other as competition, as they are in different segments of the automotive market. Maybe you want to place yourself in another segment :wink:


Well said and Thank you :slight_smile: I will keep your words in mind.