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How to save me from fake buyer?

How to save me from fake buyer ? some buyer are fake…1 order but a lot of demand. after delivery they cancel order. i am a new seller in fiverr please help me.

Fix a maximum number of free revisions and be firm with your client.
Be clear on what is included in your gig and what is not included.
Create extra gig for optional services that are not included in your basic gig.
If the requirements are not clear, ask him some questions.


thank you for suggestion.


Just deliver what is mentioned in your gig.

If the buyer asks for extra work then request him for adding extra.

If he does not add extra, you may open the dispute and cancel the order by mutually or through Customer Support.


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I wouldn’t say fake buyers (wrong context)

It sounds like buyers who don’t want to PAY for a service aka cheapskates.
Stand firm on your prices ~ Upsell~ Either they PAY for the extra work or GO AWAY! Simple!

This is YOUR business set the tone!

Don’t work for free! :pineapple:


thank you .rahdil and nikavoice