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How to save money when client want to cancel the order after 3 revision

Hello Great People,
Recently I got an order of 5 character design. I designed 3 of them. And showed the buyer. He asked for a modification. I designed all the 5 characters in totally new style, he says, “Not Good”.

I did it again, now he wants to cancel the order.

But I do not want to loose the money after all the 5 days of work.

Please can you help me?

Thanks in advance,
Shahriar Shuvo

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Hello, Shahriar!

:one: Do you offer unlimited revisions?

:two: Did your Buyer leave a feedback?

:three: After designing all (5) characters and learning it wasn’t good enough. Did you ASK the Buyer for specific details? What he likes or don’t like about the characters. Communication is key here.

:four: Before you cxl the order, try to salvage it by communicating with your Buyer to resolve the issue. You can’t fix the issue if you don’t know what’s wrong with the characters.

:five: If the above :top: doesn’t work, then the Buyer could go to CS to complain. If you contact CS, they will ask you to work it out with the Buyer. One reason is they cannot FORCE the Buyer to accept the order.

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Hello Nikavoice,

  1. I did not offer unlimited revisions.
  2. The buyer did not leave a feedback. Opened a dispute to cancel the order and I declined.
  3. I asked 4/5 times to be specific and let me know what he Likes or Dislikes. But he doesn’t respond and says, “I do not like your designs”.
  4. I am ready to do what the Buyer Needs. But he does not want to share any information.
  5. I don’t want to lose the money. Because I worked huge on this. I want to know what should I do now. And if the Buyer has any chance to cancel the order and get a refund?

Thank you in advance,
Shahriar Shuvo

Do not cancel! You got paid and you deserve to be paid. However, expect a poor review, which you can counter professionally by explaining your side of the events that took place. :wink:

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