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How To Scam A Seller On Fiverr With Success - Order Refund

Hello guys :wink:

I just wanted to express my angry about the special care that i received from the technical support that handled my case about a buyer( smart scammer) & i will describe here how its easy to make a perfect scam on a Fiverr seller with the Fiverr TOS/Policies

I just wanted to share a new scam way that a buyer did to me & he got a full refund from fiverr customer support like a charm in less than 6 hours & ofc i opened & ticket to defend myself to be able to provide my proofs that show that the order was closed with success & i also provided proofs showing to the technical support that reviewed my case videos proofs that the buyer recorded to me to show me that everything is working fin & he rated the order with 5 stars & gave me a 16$ tip

And after 2 months! The same buyer come to me again requesting me to do for him some extra jobs that he didnt paid me for them & when i explained him that his order dont include the new requests he started blackmailing me with the Fiver TOS & Policies & started lying on me & creating a discussion that try to put me in the scammer position & i replied him with all evidences that i have against him showing that the job is finished with success & he was glad with the results & the discussion is still saved on our both sides … but even that he opened a case for a full refund & the technical support provided him a full refund without even referring to me to ask me what is the problem & also without taking in considration that this order was closed 2 month ago !!! So i was really impressed

When i contacted the technical support through a ticket mentioning that a buyer is blackmailing me! They justified me that i didnt included the job on the delivery & they said that the buyer provided to the customer support some justifiable proofs !! that they refused to provide me a copy of them to know whta kind of proofs that guy provided because i spent a whole week collecting all proofs from the Order messages & inbox messages with tones of screenshots well commented & organized showing that the buyer got his job a even more that he deserve because i believe that a satisfied buyer will always come to me for other jobs… I also included the delivered files & corrections that he requested until he said ok everything is good & the amazing part here is he recorded for me a video that show that the project is working good as he expected & he is glad about the results !!! All those things was included in my proofs folder that i provided to the Fiverr technical support wit even that they still insisting that the buyer provided some good reasons that allowed the customer support to cancel the order that was closed 2 months ago !! When i say 2 months its 60 day & we all know that the the pending period that a buyer have the right to claim a correction is 14 day!! Not 60 day !!!

Ofc i asked the technical support to provide me the Fiverr TOS & Policies that give the right to a buyer to request an order cancellation even after Billion year !! They just kept switching me the guys that handle my case & when i insisted on that part !! They told me to move on & keep paying the scammers from your balance with because the client is the king … Ofc they used some polite & nice words

& After insisting again to have that Fiverr policy that give to a buyer those super power abilities i got this definitive reply telling me that Fiverr keep the right to cancel any order as it wish & all what i have to do is to keep refunding the buyer until he got the full amount of 265$ (+ the job ofc)…

Ofc nobody justified me this decision by referring to the Fiverr TOS/Policies to show me that im wrong & fiverr applied the right judgement on me!! Yes, Suddenly… The Fiverr policies become now a black magic & nobody can find the appropriate policy for the decision taken against me to justify me why the Fiverr customer support allowed a full refund for an order closed 2 months ago with success + a Five starts from the buyer + an 16$ tip from him !! Just wow

I can expect a profile termination anytime in that case for an unknown policy again for trying to defend myself against a scammer that know well the Fiverr TOS & used them against me after explaining me well which ones he will provide to the technical support & they worked with a charming way on me.

Now dear seller, even if you have strong proofs! A buyer can open a cancellation anytime he wish & all what he have to provide is that he didnt got the right job that he paid for & voila :wink: Just say bye to your order money that you will pay from your balance & all what you will have to do is to keep in ur mind that someone will come hunting you one day with the Fiverr TOS :slight_smile: & all what the buyer have to do is giving to report you & provide something like “Hi dear support, this seller didnt finished my job & i wish a refund please” & wait for 6 hours to have big warning on ur fiverr screen telling you that you violated the Fiverr TOS & policies !! ofc the Fiverr justifs for the warning can be anything !! its just a human that will love to close ur case quickly to drink his coffee !! This is how i imagine the technical support & customer support & even the safety support now after this experience because if the same case was opened in a tribunal !!Oh wait !! If we just give this case to a 12 yrs old kid he will find that the buyer is a scammer ! But Fiverr teams have another philosophy to solve scam & blackmail cases … & its easy !! Pay the scammer & move one :wink:

I just had to write my experience here with fiverr technical support that didnt care about me while they take 20% from each order a buyer do !! So i believe that i deserve the same care that it provide to the buyer & specialty if i provide some unbreakable proofs !! But Fiver love the buyer & i think Fiverr love the scammers too now because instead taking her respectability & add a new Fiverr TOS & policy Restricting the buyer to open a closed order with success !! No they just keep that black hole open & the seller pay the price.

Hope that post can help others to be more careful & push fiverr to do what it should do & add that more clear terms that protect the sellers.

I just love Fiverr & i wish to help with my experience to make it a safe place :slight_smile:


I’m so sorry this happened to you!

There has to be a reason that they refunded his money. I have not had this experience at all the entire time I’ve been here so I’m puzzled about it. It’s not possible for us to draw a conclusion so I don’t know why this happened but I’m sorry, I know how frustrated this must make you.

Did the buyer contact you first to say he wanted something done or a revision? Two months is a long time to decide something was wrong.


I requested the technical support to give me a copy of the proofs that the buyer provided to them to make this decision to be able to provide more accurate details! But they refused to share with me those information & they told me it the policies !!
They even refused to provide me a review by an expert that can understand the situation between me & the buyer because the case is so technical !!But they always ignore replying me about that & keep going in their strategy to push me to the corner.

What kind of technical support is that that refuse to take in consideration a video that i provided as an evidence the the buyer sent me showing me that everything is perfect!! But even that they just kicked me away!

Its the first time that im facing this situation & from time to time i receive some blackmail attempts like that kind but that buyer was different.

He was so nice & understanding but suddenly he become another guy after disappearing for 2 months & started blackmailing me with the Fiver Policies to do his extra requests for free as part of the preview order & never agreed about them before !!! but the technical support ignored all those things & allowed to a buyer to open an order closed with success 2 months ago & provided him a full refund in less than 6 hours !!

When i requested The Fiverr team to give me that Fiverr policy that gave the buyer that super powers to open a case to have a full refund !! They refused to provide me that too by ignoring my request & in their last email they told me that fiverr keep the right to do whatever want & ofc even that rule dont exist !!

Maybe because im from Africa !!

But the amazing thing in all that is that buyer could open a closed order from a long time ago & get a full refund as he wish & even if i provide proofs they will not be counted as evidences :slight_smile:

When the buyer contacted me this week he was just texting me without waiting my reply like if he was making a scenario to start with it a problem! I noticed that we was lying on everything !! he even took a screenshots of the diagrams that i provided him & telling me that i didn’t provided them to him :rofl: that is insane

The job that he rated with 5 stars + a tipped it & even recorded a video for me showing me that everything works fine! he told me now that it dont work & i just provided him a messy & useless work :crazy_face: … Really ! that guy that reviewed my case dont care at all & just let me say what i want to say & did after that a copy past of the first judgement to close the case because the buyer have some strong evidences that prove that he is right & those evidences are invisible & cant be shared with me to see what problem i did!

I dont thong that will happen with a seller from Europe or USA things can take some serious ways with justice !!But for someone from Africa !! i think its ok there is the sea between us :stuck_out_tongue:

Mod Note identifying information has been removed. Please do not name and shame as per forum rules.

This is where my work will be used (A game for kids) :yum:
I made it & now i will refund it after working on it for a month :upside_down_face:

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Happend to me multiple times, in these cases when you delivered the project directly to the client without using the inbuilt delivery system then the order is eligible to cancel without considering any other point.

I am a Website designer and 3-4 times I delivered the website by directly moving it from my server to client’s server. Client turned out to be oversmart and after few days applied for order cancellation.

Since then I started delivering using inbuilt delivery system also/only.

Obviuosly this is a headache to upload these big files on Fiverr but if you don’t want to get looted like this then make this a habit, take time and deliver the files without leaving any scope for such buyers to hurt your business.


As a new seller and reading multiple stories on this Forum I think Fiverr isn’t a seller-friendly community. After all they can find alto of sellers but no buyers.
I am sorry this happened to you and wish you the best!


Is it a stand-alone product you delivered? If a buyer asks for and gets a refund, obviously they aren’t allowed to use the work you delivered, so, if it’s a complete game for kids, you could notify the site the buyer is using your work on with proof and perhaps they’ll take it down, and you could use/sell it yourself.



The one thing these cases all have in common is the seller says they will do multiple revisions. Then later the buyer wants revisions, whether right or wrong, and then seller refuses. I can’t tell if that happened here but the seller does state something about doing multiple revisions in his gig.


It is always good to put a disclaimer i do in the faq i state revision process happens within the order process only once the order has been satisfied then after no more revisions.


If the buyer in this case left a 5 star review that should have ended it but as I said all of the cases where a seller is outraged over having his order cancelled were ones where multiple revisions were offered and the buyer wanted more revisions at any point in time.

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I learned that lesson now :yum: But im my case its even more worst even if i deliver it on the delivery box because nothing can prove that i provided the right job for the client & its exactly what happened to me with that buyer!! & to prove that im right i should build the environment that my codes work on it & make a video showing that the work match the requested job!! & even that didn’t worked because the buyer already did that step too & provided me a video showing me that everyting is great & Fiverr didn’t took it in consideration that & they just let me speak to the wall with my proofs :slight_smile:

I requested an expert to check my case but they refused too!! It seems that the buyer is God :stuck_out_tongue:

I just shared my story because im sure it can help someone :yum:
Thank you for your support dear friend :slight_smile:

I think that i should start to lake revisions more offical this time instead doinf them in the background :slight_smile:
I believe that not all my clients are not bad like that one that did me this trick!
I do my best to make their dreams because i know that if they are satisfied, they will come to me again & again even if im the most expensive seller on my field :see_no_evil:

But somone exploited my kindness & used it against me & that wasnt supposed to happen because i was so helpful for him more that he deserves & when somone tell me that its a project for kids or school ! that project get all my priority :slight_smile:

Anyway it was a great lesson for me too Lol a painful lesson xD

I cant do that because i already pretend that the guys that come to me with their dreams to turn them into reality are already mature enough :yum:
Even with proofs i cant do nothing if somone request a non justified refund because what i do is so complicated until the point that even Fiverr team dont have an expert that can understand what i deliver :slight_smile:
That is why they rejected all my request to have an expert on electronics to check my delivery :zipper_mouth_face:
The easy solution for them was to force me to pay the buyer instead paying him with the 20% that they cut from us or making the buyer to accept the job :yum:
They even refused to provide me the FIverr policies that justify they actions against me because i couldnt find them & started switching technacl support agents to push me to the corner! I was really impressed …

I think i should wait the next seasons of Better Call Saul to learn more tricks because all my hard work to have my right didnt worked :sweat_smile:

Well! Imagine a buyer that tipped you & provided you a great ranking for his project that was closed 3 months ago can be opened & canceled like a charm :yum:

I think he is the owner of the website :slight_smile:
Actually im not used to share te projects of my clients with anyone & i dont use them for my own profit too because i believe that its their own intellectual property & should stay :slight_smile:
But for that buyer !! I will make sure to coplete his project one day & improve it even more & publish it as a full open source project that anybody can make it & use enjoy with it for free :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That order was from early April, not two months ago. Is that the order you are talking about? It’s really a puzzle why it was cancelled if it is.


Yes this is the order that Fiverr customer support canceled for me & provided a full refund for the buyer last week (4/8/19) :yum: