How to seal my gig more and more?


Hi there all. I create a gig about Market research and lead generation. few days my gig view are 650+, But I have no order in my queue. Now how should I do to sell my gig more and more?


Okay, so I had a look into the mentioned gig. I am not an expert in reviewing gigs, but here is what I think:
You have 0 ratings and your starting price for the gig is $10 for 50 leads. Since you are a newbie, I would recommend you to lower your price to standard $5. And once you get the business rolling, make it to $10. Fiverr is a competitive market place, there are hundreds of other sellers who offer the same service as you do for a less price. I am not saying $10 is a big price, but you could try to $5 until you get the orders coming. If I were you, I would change the price to $5 per 50 emails with 1 day delivery.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes :slight_smile:
Good luck :+1:


Thank you @Justjoan:tulip:


You can’t “seal” your gig.
You can “sell” it.


Ops! sorry for the mistake. And Thank you Mr. @taverr.