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How to search hidden buyer requests?


Today I have made a fatal mistake. I was browsing buyer requests and I found a request that was almost exactly what I do. I sent him the offer and wrote my paragraph, hit send, and then realized I made a small error so I clicked “remove request,” thinking it would remove my offer so I could resend it. It did remove my offer, but also removed that request from my list, and now I cannot find it! How can I “unhide” buyer requests?

Thank you!

I don’t think you can. You might be able to go back in the browser to find a cached copy. Did you try clicking Sent requests to see if it was shown there?

Actually, I couldn’t find it yesterday, but browsing my sent requests today, it is still there. I guess I shouldn’t try too mess with it anymore. Thanks for your help!

Sure. I would leave it be. :slight_smile: