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How to search just sellers in a particular country

I want to do some website testing but I only need UK based testers die to the nature of the product we are selling. How do i search for only UK based sellers?




The hard way is to check every seller who’s offering this gig, and check their country. The easy way is to request a gig and wait for it to come.

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I hope the option to filter the gigs about the country criteria will help much most buyers. For example I’m searching for writers from US only (not India, Pakistan or other countries).


Reply to @whitehatseo10: I don’t think Fiverr will ever make a way to search by country. Sellers from non-English speaking countries would complain that many buyers would eliminate them from search without even seeing their gigs. New sellers would have more motive to use proxies to make it appear they are from a different country and add to the number of faked profiles. The search would then become useless since filtering for one country would pull up all sellers from that country plus all the sellers with faked flags. Even though you can usually tell by reading a few lines if someone is faking, that puts you right back where search is now - having to sort through gigs manually looking for the language you want.


How can I filter to assess range of experience?
If I need something in a country, there is a good chance that someone there, now, may be of better service in some cases.

I hate for people to insist that they can do the work and then fall short, because they have no understanding of the concepts needed.


What you can filter for is “Translate from to” (if you are looking for translators), but also for “Seller Language” and “Seller Level”.
If you click on a subcategory, in my screenshot example, it was Writing & Translation > Translation, you will see a bar on the left side with all applicable filters.

“Seller Level” is a clue for the seller´s experience on Fiverr only, of course, it doesn´t tell you much if anything about the seller´s experience generally, some sellers do that on their profile page, but, of course, buyer beware, virtual paper doesn´t blush.

The more filters you tick, the fewer gigs you will see, in my image, for instance, you can see that there is 0 Top Rated Seller online right now for translation in my filtered language pair, but there are 29 with the 2nd highest Fiverr level online right now who fit all my filters.


Thank you.
I really was coming from the point of view of local experience.

I want to hire someone to “research the best stores on Beale Street”. I would be nice if they really knew where, what and why Beale street is and could go there.

No way to tell who is truthful until bad work comes out, days later.

Wouldn’t a lot of information on that be available online to anyone from any country without needing to go there? Also by looking at info online it might be more objective information. ie. they could look at reviews that many people had left about which were best instead of just their own opinion of which were best.

Also, the thread is about sellers in a particular country (google might help with that), whereas you seem to want it based on sellers in a particular city/town.

Like was said earlier you could look at the seller level (and reviews) and look at the gig itself and description. You could also put a request in the buyer request section and look for the best offers with gigs that look like they’re most likely to match what you want (eg. based on reviews, level etc.).

No. Don’t take the example too literal. My point is that someone IN a place has an added value and will likely provide better research. The familiarity of knowing how things work in a country helps the research, should that be the gig.

Creating request aren’t as time friendly.


You could try something like the following in a Google seach: from “united states” [<- or whatever country] (“research” or “researching”) "write"
And maybe add a particular level or levels in the search.

Though to do this in cases where people from other countries could likely do the work just as well (eg. if all the work could be researched online) it would probably be against the terms of service and not be allowed (ie. the section on discrimination).

Well, there is no guarantee, but you can use the language filter or click on gigs in the relevant category until you see a seller that might fit and then try to find out more by taking a good look at their profile and through messaging. A buyer request may be quicker, after all, depending.

Obviously, the more specific the ‘place’ you are looking for, the more difficult it is to find a seller; country should be less of a problem, unless it’s one not many sellers are from, and some people mention their city in their profile, but far from all.

While I am very much in favour of Fiverr’s moves to reduce discrimination by, for example, not offering a ‘filter by country’ function, and think that the country should not matter for a lot of categories, I do agree that it does matter for jobs where language is actually the essence of the job, obviously, like translation, but also for some other jobs.

Online research or no, if I never was in a specific shopping street in Reykjavik, Hong Kong, New York or Kinshasa, for example, I would not offer to write an atmospheric article about said street if the buyer specifically wanted someone who actually lives in that city and knows that street from personal direct experience.

Or, recently, someone contacted me to know whether I’d do a job for them that wasn’t translation but required someone in Germany, with a computer system on settings for Germany, etc., for some website testing.
I also had requests for phoning a place in Germany and asking for very specific information, a request for research about something to do with German taxes and forms…
I don’t have gigs for any of that. I assume, the people who asked me, resorted to looking for a translator who seemed to be a native German and living in Germany. I’m pretty sure all those requests would have been impossible/very difficult to perform by someone who wasn’t.

Simply talking about facts, all other considerations aside, there are jobs that do require a seller from a certain country /nationality/city/… (heck, I’ve seen buyer requests asking for people to move couches or mow someone’s lawn ;))

That said, however, discrimination is a thing, and also, there are sellers who are expats or digital nomads, or even on long vacations, who would fall through an IP-based country filter, and so, I suppose, the higher good here overrides the wish for convenience, and it is upon the buyer to do some research and due diligence, when they want to make sure to have a seller from a specific place.

There is also a privacy issue, by the way, and while I’m fine to list my country and languages, as a translator, for obvious reasons, I would not want my city publicly displayed.

That was a lengthy post, sorry, but as this topic comes up from time to time, I hope it might help some people.

(edited for correcting autocorrection typos, it’s a bad idea to type long posts on small phones…)

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In addition, we can add ‘Custom Order’ phrase as an exact match criteria since it is found only on the profile pages.

Googled for SEO Sellers in the UK: SEO “Custom Order” “United Kingdom”

Got this:“Custom+Order”+“United+Kingdom”“Custom+Order”+“United+Kingdom”

Good response. Your response is very helpful