How to search 'Requested Gigs'



I am curious if it is possible to manually search through outstanding Requested Gigs. I would like to do additional piece-work, but have not been able to locate a way to search outside of what is listed on the side.

Can anyone offer any help on this?


yeah, keep on reserchiing


Here’s a great trick to see more requested gigs: go on the homepage and click on the different categories at the top right (like business, advertising, gifts, etc.) and you will get different sets of requested gigs :wink:


Yes it’s possible. Log in to your account. Check out the footer section SELLER. There you will see “Buyer Requests” link. Click it and you are there. :wink:


Hey kjblynx - I noticed that too, it is very annoying. It’s been like that for at least the last month, if not longer. If those users are even still using Fiverr, they would not be in the market for the same request anymore. I am glad that it’s not just me, but I hope that this issue is fixed sometime soon. It could be a great way to get more traffic to our gigs.


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Researching what? Where?


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Thank you! This is helpful! :slight_smile:


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But how do you search through these requests? In my understanding, that was the question OP asked!


Reply to @kjblynx: How annoying! I will report it too, maybe if more people report it they will figure it out.


Perhaps I am looking in the wrong places, but I cannot see any gig requests. There is no seller link at the bottom of the page (as suggested above), and there are no gig requests on the right side of the home page, as previously.

Even this URL lists sellers

Where do I find gig requests.

I am actually trying to find approved wording to re-write my own request, which was rejected - with zero feedback

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If you are on a Computer or LapTop. Move the mouse over your name in the top right corner. When the drop down menu pops up, click on “my sales”. Then another drop down menu should pop up. There you should see “Buyers Request”. Hope that helps :smiley:


I agree with ckxion. I see no “Gig Request” or “Recent Gig Request” anywhere on any page. I also do not have a “my sales” option under my name to hover over. Did Fiverr get rid of the Recent Gig Request feature? Or is it maybe because I haven’t offered a gig for sale yet?


Reply to @sd93production: I think ckxion is right. Either Fiverr has done away with the Recently Requested Gigs feature, or maybe I can’t see it yet since I haven’t offered a Gig for sale, but it’s nowhere on any page or menu option. Neither is the “my sales” menu option which makes me wonder if it’s that I haven’t offered any sales yet. Pretty frustrating.


Can someone please post the link because I can not find the “Request Gig” button or link anywhere. Thanks :wink:


I have yet to find any the requests by following any of the instructions. Can someone please post the link that leads to the Buyer’s Request.


You will not have this option if you have no gigs for sale. They match “buyer requests” to the categories in which you are selling gigs.


Thank you! I was looking for this everywhere. Well, except there, of course :slight_smile:




Thank’s it’s working