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How to Secure Top Ranking in Google?


In order to secure top ranking in google you need to first analyze your site with your targeted keywrods. This analysis is called On-Page SEO which deals with the keyword optimization in various areas of your site including Title tags, Meta tags, Heading tags, within your body text, anchor text, etc.

These areas must be optimized if you want to rank higher in google. If you are not good in doing optimization then you surely need assistance! To help those webmasters and site owners who don’t know how to deal with the On-Page SEO factors, I will give them a comprehensive On-Page SEO Audit report of their site. This report will show

  • optimization score of your keyword in various areas
  • top 10 competitors analysis for each keyword and disclose you their secrets and keyword strategies
  • In light of above two results I will give you some important recommendations which will help you to increase search engine ranking.

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