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How to see more Buyer Requests?

Hi everyone,

I am new to Fiverr (joined yesterday), I have read through the forums and got some great information - thanks!

My question is, I looked at my buyer requests yesterday and removed the ones that aren’t relevant to my gig - today there is 1 new request but that’s all

Are the buyer requests updated frequently? Are they based on location? How can I access more buyer requests that suit me?


you have to just searching again and again and try to find requests at any moment of time

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Thanks for the tip!

I only have one at the moment, I will keep searching

yeah! you have to and then you have to search more and more for quick order

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Try Fiverr Mobile applications .
All Gigs in your pocket. :crazy_face:

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Thanks! I will keep searching, and hope I can get my first order!

You can create gigs in different categories, that way you will be able to see buyer requests in other categories.

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Thanks! I love the mobile app!

Thanks! I will try that!