How to see my offer for a job on the buyers offers


Hi, I made an offer to a buyer but I can’t see the communication I made in that offer. Is there something I am missing here?



nice post, same question here.
I think buyers are also getting offers from the other sellers, so they don’t have time to look at offers from other sellers.


Hi Pendragon2,
On Fiverr, sellers are not allowed to initiate communication with a Buyer. So contact is only 1 way and only possible via a Buyer initiating it.

On Buyer’s Request, when you send an offer, this rule still applies. So unless the buyer decides to act upon your offer and initiate contact, that is the end of the line of communication in regards to your offer.

If you wish to see the offers that you have sent, You can always click on “Sent Offers” to check:

Good Luck. :thumbsup:


Thanks so much. Still learning. Is it OK to send offers on the Buyer
Requests page?


Thanks. I will get the hang of this soon, I hope.


What do you mean by sending offers?

You can definitely respond to any Requests made by buyers on the “Buyer’s Request” page.

You are allotted 10 offers in a 24 hours period. Once you use up all your daily allowance, you have to wait until the 24 hour period is up to get another new set of 10 offers that you can send.


That option is only for buyers. when someone want to buy a product, they can post a request. (Example - I am looking for… ). so that request appear to relevant sellers. so they can apply to that request. then buyer can choose one of them.



No do not post your advertise there. it’s only for buyers. not for sellers to post there gig. but you can send offers to them.

Thank You