How to see pdf files uploaded to gigs


I uploaded a pdf file with additional images to my gig, but I can’t see how to view the pdf? I don’t see a link for it or any additional images beyond the allowed 3 that were uploaded separately.


If i remember that correctly the files are showing up in your gig gallery. Just to the right of your gig images.


I don’t see anything that says Gig Gallery or Gallery. At the top of the gig is my main image, then under that thumbnails of the 3 uploaded images. I don’t see anything else.


OK, I found it but I don’t see how customers ever will. You have to use the arrow to scroll through the three visible images, then a link appears that says “Full Screen.” If you click the Full Screen link, it shows the first two images in the pdf with links titled 1, 2, 3 at the top (but it only shows 2). But the pdf had 15 images. And the images are shown at larger than their actual size, so they are all distorted and don’t look good. Bummer.


Same here! Uploaded a PDF and no matter how many times I resize it’s still blurry. Did you managed to get this problem fixed?


hey try using google chrome. it works fine. if not, try updating your browser


If you use jpg then it will show in front like your other images. PDF is very good no doubt but it will show up like this :frowning: