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How to see which payoneer account is connected with my fiver account

So i have two payoneer account and i dont know which account is actually connected with my fiver so when i click to bank transfer the only option that i can see is confirm and withdrawn funds since i already created a fiver account through that but i forgot which one so when i press the bank transfer option the only thing that pops up is confirm and withdraw money but it dose not tell me any thing about the account that the money is going so how do i see which payoneer account is connected with my fiver account ?


You can check your payoneer account. There is a option called “Funding Source”. You can see your fiverr user name there.


Thanks for the reply Sir so i checked both of the payoneer account
through the process you told me and this pops up
" It looks like you haven’t received a payment yet…" and two options poops up " Mass Payouts Service
& Global Payment Service" i am so confused i went in side both of them but i dont see any thing about my account info


Okay So does this means i have no payoneer accounts connected with my fiverr ? then why does the option says confirm and withdrawn when i press bank transfer ?

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Actually i forget which payoneer account i add in my fiverr bank transfer option . i really want to see on fiverr . please help me