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How to see your current and pending earning

  1. Previously, whenever I clicked on dashboard, it lead me straight to see my selling and buying gigs, current and pending earning, and not to forget the few buttons that allows you to direct deposit to either paypal or bank.
    So where can I find it now? When i clicked dashboard, it lead me to “UPGRADE YOUR BUSINESS” ads How am i going to withdraw my earnings?

  2. When a client ordered me a gig, he uploaded the attachment via mobile and I can not view on PC, I asked that client to reupload it again, and the client upload the attachment to personal MESSAGE section instead of ORDER section. I didnt responded to personal MESSAGE but i delivered the ORDER and the client marked it as complete. As time moved on, I noticed that there is red clock symbol on that particular client’s personal MESSAGE inbox and I do noticed that my response rate dropped significantly.

This doesnt bother me that much but i dont understand why Fiverr changing/fixing something that already working properly. Clients have been uploading their attachments via phone and I couldnt view them on PC and that hasnt been fix for years now - I think this should be focus more rather than taking away the visibility earnings for the freelancers


If you click on Selling and then Earnings you will see it.


The dashboard had a makeover.

Big discussion about it here :small_red_triangle_down:


Thanks! I dont hang around on forum that much