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How to see your total earnings per client? Is this possible?

Hi there!

With the new subscription feature roll-out, I was curious to actual get some insights into what some of my regular clients are paying me on average on a monthly basis. While I can see my past orders with a client, it doesn’t seem to give much information (such as total earnings with them, etc). Is there any way to get more detailed info on earnings per client?


You have this, click on the client name in inbox and opens previous orders with just him.

I can see previous orders, but with this specific client I have over 1000 orders with him haha. So if I wanted to individually tally up the earnings, it would be QUITE difficult. Clicking on previous orders via the inbox doesn’t bring up any detailed info such as total earnings etc

If you go to your contacts, you can see the total of completed orders, the amount spent, and the date of the last order with a specific buyer.

Does that help?


Yes, this is perfect, thank you so much!

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And if you want to see more for example, more completed orders or more amount spent, just click on any of them :wink:

I’m not really sure I understand what this means haha