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Are you struggling with getting leads inside of Fiverr ? or not enough leads or even low quality leads, these are some golden tips on how you can promote your Fiverr gig page and drive even more clients each day in no time! these are proven methods that helped me get my gig ranking to the top page in less then 7 days so please make sure to check them all, and if you find this helpful please like the topic and comment on the comment section

1 - using Facebook? as we know Fiverr is promoting their commercials mainly on Facebook and some google partners ( youtube, google ads, etc ) you can attract clients by simply linking your profile on Fiverr Facebook page liked audience as these are increasing continually

2- other method is to use the Facebook search function for hashtags related to Fiverr ( you can type #fiverr, #fiverrfreelancer, etc ) once someone is posting a question or looking for a service on Fiverr you can link your Fiverr gig page and land an instant client in not time

3- make your gig social media friendly: you can improve your profile page by linking to your Facebook account. Fiverr is favoriting profiles with social media proofs as these are helping to better rank your gig and getting high authority social media backlinks

4- get in touch with your followers on social media and ask them if they will be interested in your gig on Fiverr, you simply link you profile page, and please never ask for fake reviews as these are against the Fiverr’s terms of services

5- promote and promote: use a free promotion on blog posts related to your niche and link to your profile? you can find a variety of forums where people are offering services, Fiverr has already gained a wide reputation so just simply asking to use Fiverr will cut out all the hassle for you and land you quick bucks !!



Thank you for sharing the most important tips. I’ll try to follow those tips.


Thanks @deisgnheros
I am new and I don’t get order yet. Its a helpful tips for me. If you have any advice for me please say

Thanks for your Better Tips .

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helpful tips thanks.

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Thanks for your grear tips

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Thanks for your helpful tips.

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your welcome ! mumu_ferdoushi :wink:

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A well thought over sweet guide… thanks for that…

Thanks for this useful information

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I see that you have been on Fiverr for a bit over 3 years, and yet you only have 126 reviews, and I can not find your best selling gig on the first 7 pages when I search for mascot characters. It always puzzles me how sellers who are not exceptionally successful come to the Fiverr Forum to advise other sellers. :thinking:

Why? :thinking:

I have heard that YouTube Fiverr “Gurus” falsely claim that posting on the Fiverr Forum will help you get orders or more views and clicks. But it is not true.

That is spamming. :scream_cat:

Why? :thinking: Arey your Facebook friends likely to buy your services?

Whose followers? Yours? Or are you spamming the followers of people who are successful on social media? :thinking:

As a seller, you have made 3.3 sales per month since you have been on Fiverr. What makes you feel that you are qualified to make a “Tips for Sellers” post. :thinking:

The Fiverr Tips for Sellers on this forum have always been reserved for sellers who are very successful and want to share their knowledge.


be aware of what you are writing madam? you are laking of ressources am a level 2 seller I have made indeed page rank number 1 in just within a week and please do NOT come to me to rephrase every advice for you you are English and I am sure you can understand few words here and there :cowboy_hat_face:

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Thanks a lot for your amazing tips.

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your welcome mohedojjaman

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Thanks for your Tips .

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Thanks for sharing your experience.

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T hanks for sharing this valuable informations

I have been a Level 2 seller for 3 years. I have never done any of the things you “advise” other sellers to do. Yet, I have over 1,300 reviews and have completed over 1,600 orders.

Maybe you did once. But I just looked again; you are not in the first 5 pages. Plus, I see you had one order 5 days ago and one order 2 months ago. Before that, your orders are from over 4 months ago.

I understood all of your words. Understanding people who do not have English as their first language is a specialty of mine. I have a gig to proofread writing done by ESL writers.

You are the one who should be aware of what you write. You come here and give poor advice to new sellers who thank you for your advice because they are grasping at straws and do not know what else to do.

The truth is that Fiverr has doubled and even tripled the number of gigs in some areas, like logos and graphic design. If these sellers want to get sales, they would be better off figuring out how to make their gigs stand out from the other over 160,000 gigs that offer the same service.

All of those who have commented here would be better off reading this thread.

And this!


I’m exhausted just reading this. :clap: :clap: @vickiespencer

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I would like to tag every person that said, “Thanks for this valuable information” and tell them it is not and that they should ignore it.