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Thanks a lot for your valuable tips

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your welcome @ammritolal

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Thanks for your tips

Jesus, just saw this thread now and what an absolutely savage takedown by Vickiespencer. Brilliant.

As for the “tips and tricks”, and all the “thank you for valuable information”, trash as usual.


There is no bullying going on here. If you put something out for the public to see, you should be ready for it to be criticized. You don’t get a pat on the back just for participating if your contribution isn’t valuable.

And you mention that you want the “rude users” giving their own tips and bring more value to the forum? Alright… Maybe if you actually read the forum instead of only the newest clickbait shiny post, you would see that those same users (who you call rude and bullies) have years of valuable contributions.

Also, you are a freelancer. Do your own research. You are not owed someone spoon-feeding you information.


The problem here is that there are no “valuable tips” to share. I’ve been saying this over and over again. There’s no secret sauce.

Want to be successful? Offer something that has demand, and be more attractive than the competition. That’s all there is. Nothing else. Does that help? Not really - if you ain’t good, you won’t become good just because you “learn” you have to be good to be successful.

The problem here is that we have a ton of talentless hacks trying to make a quick buck. It won’t work.

Can you communicate well in English? If not, don’t come here and expect success until you do. If it takes you 2 years to learn English, you can start two years from now.

Can you do whatever it is you’re selling professionally? If you can’t, become a professional first (and that can take years), and only then come here and start selling.

If you just want to sell some slightly modified canva templates, you’re not going anywhere and no tips will ever help you.

If you are a graphic designer that displays hideous images in your profile (no clue about colors, fonts, composition, etc), you won’t get anywhere. Good taste isn’t something you can learn easily, either you have it or you don’t. Most don’t.

If you are a writer / translator / editor and you have typos and weird phrasing in your gigs / bio / FAQ’s, nobody is going to hire you.

If you have no business acumen (“getting” what works or not), we can’t help. A lot of this should be intuition, common sense. If you don’t have it, we can’t help.

Being here as a successful seller sometimes is a bit like being a doctor walking down the street and being approached by beggars asking you what’s your secret to be a doctor, because they all want to make doctor money. Guess what? Go to med school. You’re not qualified to be a doctor. And it’s not something I can teach you, because you don’t have the requirements to even understand it. And then that beggar is approached by 10 other beggars giving tips on how to be a doctor. And then all the beggars get on a circle repeating “thanks for the valuable information” to each other. And of course not one of them will become a doctor, so I really have no idea what they are all thanking themselves for.

It’s insane.


be persistent, you will definitely get your orders soon

thank for your usefull tips… :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

your welcome ! @keariefan

your welcome @rashidul_seam

This type of person always spamming! I can assure of that they will never success in Fiverr!

Thank for very important tips

your welcome !! @monirhossain202

thanks a lot for sharing these tips.

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looking forword to more tips ! @monirhossain202

Thanks for sharing this valuable advice.

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Thank you for highlighting it.

awesome post very helpful for new seller

your welcome @alam_jobair