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How to select logo designer on Fiverr

So I was looking for a logo designer. I also tried the Logo maker. However I am confused. Do logo makers draw the designs or do they just generate software designs and customize a bit. Honestly I saw a seller design for 200 it was very generic and not worth it. Do logo makers mention in the gig about whether they draw it?

What is the difference between using logo maker or online maker and hiring a logo designer? How do logo sellers on Fiverr create their designs?


A good graphic designer who knows what they are doing should always make the logo on their own or make the logo according to the client’s sketch that they have in mind. However, there are sellers that sell logos that they made with online logo generators. logos made with Online logo generators are not custom. They just have an illustration that everyone can use. meaning many logos of other brands can look exactly the same as yours.

Hope your doubts are solved!

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No, they do not because honesty will not get them clients.
The best way to “test” designer is to use google search of his images in the portfolio. And if they are playing smart and they placed some image behind logo to confuse the google search algorithm you can screenshot the logo and crop it so the only logo is visible and search it.
Some sellers use logo mockup to hide the fact it is not their logo.

And yes, this is really TO MUCH just to find out is the seller authentic.

The good way would be to look entire portfolio of seller and reviews.

The huge difference since logo maker takes generic icons and font and combines them into something logical depending on your answers.

BUT! This does not mean that the online generator will produce a bad logo.
Or that designer will produce a better logo.

Large portion is:
a) using online logo maker
b) using photoshop (NO NO and… NO!)
c) have no skills or training and they are just following what YouTube told them on how to make easy money online

Now, I am not saying COVID and poverty is good enough reason to do this fraud over internet, but unfortunately, some of them are just trying to make money for food and some are just pure evil, egoistic bad people.

Selecting designer on Fiverr is a lottery, and basically any service on Fiverr is lottery.

I have seen sellers with 500 reviews, “logo designers” and when you actually scroll through portfolio what they made (not what they placed in GIG images) the design are garbage or stolen artwork.

How does this pass? Since most of the time buyers do not know how to use Google image search properly, they do not study what is logo (and that it MUST be in vector, any logo designer that is selling logos just in PNG or using Photoshop should be removed from freelancing platforms).


Thank you. What is the use of searching their portfolio sample in google images?

Does it show similar designs to the one they did so you can figure out their concept is copied or what?

I don’t think any buyer is going to go that far.

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When you search a photo in google images, it looks for images that are the same as the one that you searched or visually similar. This way, you can find out if the seller has used an online logo generator or have made the logo on their own.

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I am sorry if this sound CRUEL or cynical, but if a buyer can not spare 10 seconds to right-click on image and click on the last selection “Search Google for image” then he should be OK with throwing 5-50$ in to the wind recklessly.

Another clear indicator logo designer is using online images (not his own) is that on his portfolio images you will see “Your name here” “tagline here”.

Usually custom unique logo are not created by just typing in and swapping text :smiley: LOL


You have 180000 logo designers. I created a logo game here on the forum to boost creativity and for FUN.

You wanna guess how many of 180000 actually participated in the LOGO game? Comparing on how many of them come on the forum regularly stating:
I am a PROFESSIONAL graphic designer.

I have 14 years of experience and certifications and I do not have the nerve call myself a professional graphic designer.

Not necessarily true that if Google doesn’t find it he made it. It could also mean he twigged it a little to confuse the system (mirror image or change color)
I found 5-10 sellers in the last three months that twigged the online logos a little and presented them as their own unique. Funny haha.
I have seen +100000 of logos and most of the time just by looking I can tell is it something from online services.
I only had 2 sellers that I wasn’t sure and it turns out after deeper check they are real.

And hey, do not forget @mercurianus Fiverr is a confusing place too. Not so long ago Fiverr gave RISING TALENT badge to the seller that took images of logos from the online server from GD university in England. Regular online searches would not found them. But the moment I saw the logos I knew they were not his. It took me two weeks of reporting him to get him removed and banned from the platform. But he still had a badge for a month before I discovered him and delivered some orders (and the difference between portfolio and deliveries was like galaxy apart).


not really , I can’t draw for instance but I usually receive sketches from my buyers

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Oh boy.
“Logo makers” is not a person. “LogoMaker” is a name of fiverr feature where you can buy PRE-MADE logos designed by fiverr sellers.
“Logo makers” have nothing to do with gigs.
Sellers have gigs and separately then can also create premade logos for LogoMaker.
If you are buying a gig you will get a custom design based on your requirements.
With LogoMaker you are buying premade logo that designer designed and uploaded to the system.

200$ being a generic design is also very subjective. If you don’t know an Apple brand you can say that their Apple logo is super generic. Logos need to sirve a specific purpose and sometime “generic” and “simple” is the hardest to achieve.

All logos should be unique, however there are always unethical sellers who will try to sell stolen work.
LogoMaker logos are more filtered and only selected sellers are able to upload their designs to LogoMaker.


I meant the Logo designers gig here on fiverr as Logo Makers.

You seems to be very confused in the terms that you are using.
You refer in your question to logo maker, online maker and logo designer as three different things and now you revert back to say that those are the same things. :woman_shrugging:


Sorry. I know Logo Maker is pre made designs.

I was actually asking whether the designer (Logo Maker > one who makes logo ) also does use pre made designs. I must have used Logo Designers here instead of maker.

Do logo makers mention in the gig about whether they draw it?

Here I am referring to the designer as a person.

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So let’s go one at the time.

Some logo designers are participating in the LOGO MAKER for the Fiverr program. It means that they pre-prepared some logos and gave them to Fiverr for promotion under the LOGO MAKER section.

The confusion here is how many times can one designer sell his logo that is part of this program.

And that leads us to can you use the logo of a company in the USA in the UK for your company?

Let’s say you want to open a restaurant in UK and you want to name it McDonald’s and use M logo.
You can not. Why? because when McDonald’s registered their logo (trademark) they selected for which countries they are applying their trademark claim. If they selected only USA you could use no issues what so ever McDonald’s logo and name anywhere else.

If you want to open a restaurant and name it Mcdonalds on let’s say North Sentinel Island, you could since they did not apply their trademark there.

So technically once the seller here on Fiverr sells his logo to someone, that someone needs to “run to the register office” and trademark that logo. Every country he fails to check in application - another person can use the same logo there.

This is one of the reasons Fiverr logo industry is blooming through the roof for Fiverr(not for designers) since you have “kids” and people looking for logo for their twitch or small business and in their case the range of reach of their logo is so small that if you have two real-estate companies with same logo on different countries and continents, they will never clash.

8/10 real-estates companies will use one variation of these:

So, to have really REALLY custom unique logo is only important if you are a real company and real business and you hope to expand in the world.
For anything else, these 5-1000 USD logo designers on Fiverr are more than OK.

Price is not directly connected to quality.

Sometimes sellers Level 2 and TRS are selling their logos for 100-500USD not for the quality but quantity. They have sold mediocre 5$ logos 200-500 times and reached Level 2 and now they are flying on the wings of that Level badge.

To conclude, I always ask client what is the logo for. I can reduce my price if the logo is for something under the radar. But if it is for company designing of logo is a process that takes time, research the competition, trademarks, what is “IN” etc. etc.


The logos shown in Logo Maker would have been definitely used somewhere.

So when I made one for myself , Fiverr denied it. . I wonder how they allow Logo maker to generate so many when they all look possible somewhere. Isn’t that violation.!


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I do not understand how can Fiverr deny your logo or what Fiverr has to do with your logo.
You made logo and applied for logo maker?

No, this was made in free maker outside and I tried it for my profile picture, it said its not original.

Yes, lotus and that joga girl chic has been around for 20 years but I do not understand why would they deny it for profile picture. Profile picture is not regulated the same way as GIG images. They say we should upload image of yourself and I discovered too late that is not “the rule”.

Step 1: Personal Info

  1. Fill out your full name.
    Note: This information will remain private.
  2. In the Profile Picture section, add an image of yourself.
  3. In the Description section, introduce yourself to the Fiverr community.
  4. In the Languages section, select the languages you speak and your level of fluency.
  5. Click Continue .
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Whatever be it, anyway when so many logos are pre made , don’t they violate as well? Like the real estate example you said. There are many designs that are going to be the same. So when they sell here for 30 and 60, what is the problem with this which is why I am skeptical about buying and then the site may say this isn’t original when I upload.

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Can you screenshot the reply you got that denied your profile photo?

It seams strange that nonoriginality is the reason for profile photo deny.

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I don’t have it but it said " We removed your image because it might not be original"

Last thing I don’t want to end up with warning for such an insignificant thing.It’s always scary out here.

image imageimage image

Try these just to see will you get same warning.

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