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How to select logo designer on Fiverr

That logo is already on a website (eg. yogaeuropealliance) if you search for it using Google. That’s probably why Fiverr said it was unoriginal. Their automated search for it probably found it.


Yes, and everything is the same, color gradient and text so… maybe if the color was different and font and maybe lčotus little twigged, but like this, is identical not similar.

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Ya I understand and know that it could be somewhere. But isn’t the pre made designs also don’t work that way? Fiverr asks for your category and then does it. May be a little bit tweak is necessary to make it original?


And more then little in your case since this is established company not some third world no website shop in some dead end alley.

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I will probably try some other day. Who knows what, they might issue warning since you tried multiple times to upload a profile pic. Never know what the system has internally.

We know and you know, the logo you have is IDENTICAL in every possible way to logo of established company. Of course that will not pass.

Select one of the images above as your logo.