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How to select proper keyword for rank my Gig

everybody says the only keyword can make your Gig on the first page. is it true? how can i select proper keyword on my Gigs


No it’s not true. It’s how much money you make Fiverr.


Actually gig rank is the point :pinching_hand:

  • unique gig create
  • smaller gig title
  • smaller gig description
  • and smaller gig keyword
    Hope this works for you :blush: Thank you

I can’t find my gig 1-4 page, When I completed my first order and got 5 star, my gig in front page.

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It’s not all about. Need more elaboration.

not only keywords, your gig will ranking the first page when your gig title, gig image, description will be better. so only keywords can’t ranking your gig.

When you want to make gig. Try to see some level 1/2 sellers gig for some idea.then make a good gig

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