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How to sell a complete web app and eventually a long term contract?


I 'd like to know how to do without using github , concerning a web app dev offer ?
So I can’t tell the buyer to use Github ?
I should deliver the app on fiverr only ?

What if the buyer need a long term contract like 1 year ?
My wish is to pay Fiverr for the great publicity they do, but it is difficult to convaince buyers to wait for a complete app without any functionnal test .
I also want to keep Fiverr for the great security paiement process it provides.

Is there any guide ?

I’m scared about being banned for a few mistakes i would do . Maybe, there should be some exceptions when it comes to web app developpement ? also, it should be 12 % tax instead of 20 % when we sell at a price like 1000 $ .


Suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works.

Everything is explained there in great detail.


I think for serious software development, you would need to create a gig that sees you communicate off Fiverr with clients. However, you would need to decide what the best way would be. You would need to identify a collaboration tool that you and your buyer can use without training. Then you would have to get authorization from Fiverr to use this in your orders.

As for contracts and on-going support. You can only offer services with a maximum duration of 30-days. If I was you, I would create a gig with zero revisions and create another for support that former buyers can purchase as and when necessary.

To be honest though, even if you get authorization for all of the above from Fiverr, you could still risk being banned. This is because a lot of bans and warnings seem to b issued automatically.

Given the above, your best bet is to think carefully about what you offer and try and make that something fit with the limitations of the current messaging and delivery system.


That’s a dream that won’t come true.