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How to sell a gig? What's the right way?


I’m still unable to sell my gigs… why this is happening? Anybody please tell me? HELP me??


Well i can’t say anything but yeah i can help you with some points .
1.Never lose hope.
2.Always use correct English.
3.Pay attention to what clients are asking you for.
4.Respond to buyer requests sensibly.

and lastly give links to your gigs and i will analyze them if i can give you any advice.



share your gigs on social media.


If I share my gigs here… it might be violation of Fiverr Rules… ? Right??


Do you have any specific group name so that I can share my gigs??


You’ve got one gig - it’s $50 - who’s going to buy it for $50 when they can probably get if for far less?

You’ve got no feedback - put up gigs for $5 and do them well to get some positive reviews.

Read -


Share it on social media.


Thanks…It’s a privacy problem here to mention the gig’s link to post! Would you please share your other contact links? My english is poor? Thanks


yes but i am not sure m i allowed to share links here or not


on social media you can share them?