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How to sell and make animation vedios?


hello everyone,

I am new to this field and want to create a stand in this field . I read some book and done some courses . But want some new and better solutions . I have gone through Business Whiteboard Animation and i really want to make a good portfolio.Can anyone give advice on starting out with animation videos?
I use illustrator for vectors and was thinking of trying animation, perhaps using After Effects? Or can somebody recommend software?
How well do they sell in comparison to real life videos?

Any help will be appreciatable

thank you


I’ll be honest - anybody who’s doing well selling a service on Fiverr probably isn’t going to let you into how they do it. Not nastiness, but human nature and self-preservation. :wink:

Have a look on Google and do some research - there is a great deal of information available about everything you need.

Good luck! :sunny:


If you don’t already have the skills, then this might not be the right place for you. There are already hundreds of great animators already on Fiverr that produce these. Unless you can offer something they don’t, then it will be tough for you to get a hold in the market. Oh, and it’s ‘videos.’